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First Aid For Fire Cracker Burns

By: Ajanta Sen
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Diwali, the festival of lights, is an amazingly interesting festival. Hindus wait for this festival as it brings them the rare chance to decorate their homes and light crackers and sparklers at night. There is no doubt that this is a dangerous festival too as people use fire to light the Diyas and the crackers. The fun of the festival can turn into a nightmare by just a small mistake. Lighting Diyas and crackers can be dangerous if people are not seriously careful about maintaining the safety measures.

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Accidents are accidents, and they are often unavoidable. The fire accidents can leave serious after effects and that is why people must be aware of first aid tips to follow for burns during Diwali celebrations. Some burns are serious and some are minor. You need to understand that you should make every possible effort especially when you find someone getting injured due to fire. Before taking teh person to the hospital, you should try to provide first aid. For that, you need to know the basic first aid tips for cracker burns in Diwali.

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Though loads of information is available in various sources, you must know the natural and homely first aid tips for cracker burns on Diwali. A few are listed below:


Apply Water Immediately:

To reduce the pain and burning sensation, you need to reduce the temperature of the affected area of the body. For this, you should apply water immediately. This may reduce the possibility of avoiding pain and blisters. This should be done before applying any other first aid procedure.


Apply Turmeric:

This amazing spice can work as a great herb for treating cracker burns. Make a paste of turmeric, and apply it on the affected part of the body. This can cool down the temperature of the body, and can bring faster relief from the burning sensation. Its antiseptic property is accepted across all lines of medicine.


Applying Honey Can Be A Great Idea:

Not the taste, but the cold effect of honey makes it almost unavoidable for treating fire burns. Apart from healing the wound, honey tries to protect the affected part of the body from infections. Instead of rubbing honey, you should pour honey on the wound. Studies show that healing of wounds gets faster due to the application of honey.


Use Diluted Vinegar:

Instead of applying diluted vinegar directly, you can soak a piece of cloth with vinegar and then apply the cloth on the affected area. This can be one of the most important tips to follow for burns during Diwali.


Use Aloe Vera:

Known as a magic herb, Aloe Vera can bring you amazing benefits, even when you get serious cracker burn injuries. Get the pulp from inside and apply it directly on the wound. This can reduce the burning sensation and reduce the chances of developing blisters.


Apply Toothpaste Or Fountain Pen Ink:

Though an old practice, applying toothpaste or ink of a fountain pen on the burn can bring amazing benefits. Both cool the affected area almost immediately and reduce the possibilities of developing blisters.


Use Antiseptic Lotions:

Antiseptic lotions can be one of the most common tips to follow for burns during Diwali. You should always keep some antiseptic lotions in your home, especially before the Diwali approaches.

Most of these first aid tips for cracker burns on Diwali should be kept in mind. However, you must maintain adequate safety measures to avoid such situations. Be with your kids when they are about to fire the crackers and sparklers. Make this Diwali safe and secure for everyone.

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