Factors That Speed Up Ageing

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Ageing is a natural process that everyone must undergo in their life. The rate at which ageing occurs cannot be controlled. However, it can be influenced by many factors such as lifestyle, family history, emotional attitude and medical conditions.

People who are always occupied with activities and refrain from alcohol and smoking tend to age slowly when compared to people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and are addicted to smoking. Poor health is also one of the factors that causes ageing.

Ageing is inevitable and no science can reverse the process of ageing. There are several factors that contribute to ageing or fasten the ageing process.

The best way to fight negative effects of ageing is with a proper nutrition and by following a healthy diet. Including foods rich in vitamins and minerals can delay the ageing process to an extent.

There are many factors that contribute to ageing. In this article, we at Boldsky are listing out some of the factors that speed up the ageing process. Read on to know more about it.

Factors That Speed Up Ageing

Mental Sadness: Stress, depression, anxiety and sorrow can cause mental sadness. Stress can weaken the mental and emotional health of a person. Thereby, it affects the physical health of a person. This speeds up the ageing process.

Unhealthy Diet: Bad eating habits can stimulate the oxidative stress in the body due to the harmful free radicals. An unhealthy diet can lead to skin damages, wrinkles and even cancer. Including nutritious foods such as vegetables and seasonal foods prolong the youth and combat the ageing process.

Factors That Speed Up Ageing

Irregular Sleeping Pattern: Irregular sleeping pattern also hastens the ageing process. One should have a sound sleep of at least 6-8 hours at night. An improper sleep pattern can cause dark circles and may disturb the health of a person. Sleep deprivation can hamper the mental alertness and lead to early ageing.

Factors That Speed Up Ageing

Smoking And Alcohol: Smoking and alcoholism undoubtedly speed up the ageing process before time. They deteriorate the functions of major organs like kidneys and lungs. They also contribute to wrinkles. Thus, increased consumption of these leads to the skin losing its elasticity and getting saggy, giving an aged appearance.

Lack Of Foods Rich In Antioxidants: Eating foods that lack antioxidants stimulates the process of early ageing. Foods low in antioxidants can reduce the food's ability to neutralise the free radicals that lead to a skin damage.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 24, 2015, 21:01 [IST]
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