8 Things That Are Not Actually Healthy

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We often think that the things that we use for cleaning are really healthy. But do you know that there are certain things that are actually harmful to your health? Well, today we are here to discuss about 8 things that are not actually healthy.

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There are some hidden health hazards behind using these products. For eg: Using an anti-bacterial soap does not remove the germs completely. It is just a promotional gimmick. It works as much as the usual soap does. There are many other products that are being used by us in our daily life. But with constant and regular use it turns hazardous.

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Read on to know about the eight most common things that we use daily and are "NOT" actually healthy in this article today.


Cotton Swab

We often think that we need to clean our ears daily. But that is a wrong assumption. Most of the doctors say that we do not have to use cotton swabs daily. Clearing the wax from the ear makes it more prone to injuries. Nature provided wax in the ears as a protector and removing it may cause more harm than good.


Antibacterial Soaps

Triclosan is an agent present in most of the antibacterial soaps. It is supposed to act as an antibacterial agent. But if you use it for a ling period of time, it may become ineffective and may defeat the purpose of its use.



When you use a blender to make a smoothie, make sure you wash it throughly with water. Add some water in the jar and run the blender for a minute or so. This helps to remove most of the germs that are stuck below the blade. These germs can often cause food poisoning.


Pumice Stone

We often use this for our regular manicure and pedicure. Make sure you do not share your pumice stone with others as the germs and bacteria get transferred easily. They tend to thrive in the folds of the pumice stone. Make sure you wash it with hot water after using it.


Rubber Spatula

This is considered to be among the top five dirtiest tools in the kitchen. Studies reveal that E.coli, yeast and mold are the most common germs that are found in these spatula. The designs and carvings on the spatula make it an easy base for food to get trapped. Bacteria can flourish in those areas. To avoid this, you need to wash your spoons thoroughly.


Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are a magnet for dust mites. These dust mites trigger allergies especially respiratory allergies. It is better to wash your stuffed toys often and make sure you do not use them on your bed.


Whitening Toothpaste

We select toothpaste which can remove the tartar and plaque from our mouth easily. Using these pastes often can make your teeth sensitive as the enamel covering the tooth gets eroded with long term use.



This is one of the products that harbours the growth of bacteria and fungus. In nooks and crannies of the loofah is the breeding space for fungi, mold and bacteria. Make sure you change your loofah every month. Use a loofah made of natural fibers as it controls the growth of bacteria and fungus.

If you have any other suggestions and points that we can include then feel free to share with us.

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