Drink Water And Boost Your Libido!

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Your bed life partly depends upon hydration too. Yes, this fact is backed by research. In fact, a study claims that some people can cure their libido problems without using any medicines and simply by drinking adequate amounts of water.

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If you are wondering how to increase libido naturally, then the safest thing to try is water. It is not the question of whether water will boost libido. It is more about how lack of it can affect your libido. In order to increase libido naturally, keep your body properly hydrated and see if it works.

 How To Use Water As Medicine

Dehydrated body tissues may indirectly have their effect on your bed life. Let us admit it. You carry your water bottle when you go to the gym but seldom do you care about it when you are planning to bed someone. Now, let us discuss how to increase libido simply by hydrating the body well.


Dryness And Circulation

Women should remember this: dehydration can also cause vaginal dryness. Men should remember this: dehydration can affect your circulation and this may hamper your erections.


Accumulated Toxins

Water is an agent to flush out your accumulated toxins. When you are dehydrated, the toxic accumulation may build up and this affects your bio chemical harmony and thereby affects your libido too.



When you lack enough water in your body, you will naturally feel weak and dull. How can a person even get stimulated when there is no energy or stamina?



If you suffer low libido levels, stay away from coffee and sodas as they too dehydrate you. Drink more water instead.


8 Glasses

A recent study claims that men and women who drank more than 8 glasses of water daily seldom faced issues with libido. Try it out!


Climate And Exercise

Be careful with your water intake especially if you live in a hot place or if you have the habit of working out. You may need more water.


Energy Levels

Your body fails to generate energy when its tissues are dehydrated. This may affect your libido in a bad way. It is important to drink water before you even plan of romancing your partner.



You don't need to be thirsty in order to drink water. So keep hydrating yourself even before you enter your bedroom even if you are not thirsty.


Hydrating Foods

Never forget that fruits and vegetables also contain water and they too hydrate your system. To enhance your libido, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables regularly.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 10, 2015, 5:14 [IST]
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