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Does Too Much Of Sitting And Sleeping Kill You?

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Recently, researchers have concluded this: if you have the habit of sitting a lot and sleeping a lot and being lazy, then you may reach your final destination earlier- which means your lifespan may reduce drastically. This might be shocking but its true!

Well, let us get into the details of the new research. It claims that those who are into sleeping a lot and sitting a lot and seldom exercise may die sooner than those who don't have such habits.

Now, let us look into the exact standards. How much of sleeping is too much? Sleeping for more than 9 hours is too much. How much of sitting is too much? Well, sitting for more than 7 hours a day is too much. And how much of exercise is too less? About 150 minutes of exercise in 7 days is too less. You need to be more active.

Does Sitting Kill You- Man Sitting

Does Sitting Kill You
According to health experts this is one of the first researches that have combined both sitting and sleeping and how they may affect human life together.

So, its time you take both sitting and sleeping as seriously as you would take quitting of habits like smoking and drinking.
Well, the reason why this new research has to be taken seriously is its sheer number. It has been done on more than 2 lakh people. So, it can't be taken as a joke.

Does Sitting Kill You- Man Sleeping

Now there is another interesting observation from the same research. If you sleep too less and added to that, if have the habit of smoking and drinking, then it might drastically decrease your lifespan.

Does Sitting Kill You- Beer

The main reason why such studies are important is because they examine the collective risk that all habits pose rather than how they affect your health in isolation.

So, readers, try to ensure that you get optimum sleep and lead an active lifestyle that is far away from your cubicles if you care for your health.

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