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Does Eggs Increase The Cholesterol Level

By: Sneha A
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Eggs are the simplest and yet the most nutritiously versatile foods. It can be prepared in so many different ways and is perfect to be consumed at any given point of time, whether at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It is power packed with so many qualities that it can hardly be ignored, and yet this little energy bank has been accused of being loaded with high levels of cholesterol a number of times.

Now, cholesterol has been found out to be the root cause of heart problems in most of the cases. Each egg contains in itself approximately 186 milligrams of cholesterol and, hence, even if one consumes 2 eggs per day it will supersede the daily limit of dietary cholesterol by nearly 24%.

Yet most of the nutrition experts still vote for it. The controversy “whether or not can eggs increase cholesterol levels” has been unresolved, but some of the recent recommendations by very prominent nutritionists have drawn quite a different picture from the previously accepted ideas of limiting the egg intake to a maximum of 2 in a week.

Hence, why has there been a change in this perception regarding how eggs increase the cholesterol levels?

The following points will help you get a clear idea if eggs actually increase the cholesterol level or is it another of an old wives’ tale:


1.Cut down saturated fats

Definitely much of cholesterol in the blood is bad for the heart, but for that cutting off on eggs is not the right option. What one should cut back on is more of saturated fats, by doing this you will automatically limit your cholesterol intake.


2.Egg Yolk

Some recent findings have shown that the effect of removal of dietary cholesterol, i.e., the cholesterol that we intake by food, does not bring in a drastic difference in our blood cholesterol levels. Hence, doing away with the egg yolk is not such a great idea, if you wish to reduce your levels of blood cholesterol.


3. Egg Is Not The Main Reason

Human body produces cholesterol as well. It is needed by the body to perform various functions. It is an important part of the structure of cell membrane. Thus, most of the imbalances of cholesterol in a person are often caused by inefficient cholesterol clean up system, genetic issues and some other dietary factors.


4. Other Forms

The cholesterol that is consumed by eating an egg or by any other source is either used up by the body to produce bile acids, which are further used to digest food. If, in case, it is not needed it is discarded by the body.


5. Body Cells

Many findings have shown that most of the cholesterol in our blood is not taken in by the things we eat but is produced by the cells of our own system.


6. LDL( Bad Cholestrol )

It is only when eggs are consumed with very high-cholesterol diet, it can effect and increase the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body and when taken keeping a balanced diet in mind it will help maintain the HDL (good cholesterol) level in our body.

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