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Is Egg Yolk Healthier Than Egg White?

By Bhadra Kamalasanan

Eating a healthy breakfast is necessary for your health and fitness, and eggs are the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. It helps you to control your weight and gives you ample energy to go about your day. But what is a better deal, egg yolk or egg white?

It is a pretty common topic of debate among those who are fairly concerned about nutrition. What is the nutrition value of egg white vs. egg yolk? Eggs are excellent as a breakfast item, and it can be delicious too. But people are always concerned about eating the yolk for fear of weight gain and an increase in cholesterol.

But it would be a mistake if you sideline the tasteful egg yolk, though we should inform you upfront that egg whites contain less fat and calories, but the yolk has many nutritional benefits. It supplies food for your brain, metabolism and your immune system.


So what is the deal?

Egg yolk or egg white?

What does Egg Whites Contain?

Egg whites are any fat free person’s paradise as they are low on calories. Eggs are not high calorie food, but the little that it has can be avoided if you can cut out on the egg yolk. So you can simply make an omelet out of one whole egg along with two egg whites. This can be great for you in comparison to three whole eggs. Then again egg whites do not have any cholesterol! The fact is that eggs are loaded with cholesterol, but if you throw the yolk away, you will cut the entire thing out! Removing cholesterol can be great for those with health issues, and older people of course.

Finally egg whites are the king of protein, and therefore are great for you. In the egg whites or egg yolk question there has a very simple answer when it comes to protein. Most of the protein source comes from the egg white and therefore you can simply cut off the yolk and eat the white which would mean you are packing up on protein, you are eliminating bad cholesterol, and you are not getting any fatter!

What does Egg Yolks Contain?

What we do not realise is that egg yolks are great when it comes to vitamins and they have larger quantity of vitamins from the whites. Your one egg yolk contains, B6, folate, a B vitamin, B-12, A, D, E and K. Of those, vitamins A, D, E and K. These are not found in the egg whites. An interesting fact is that egg yolks are one of the rare foods wherein you can find vitamin D naturally.

Yes, egg yolks do contain cholesterol, but egg yolks are also loaded with more vitamins and minerals which are the building blocks necessary to carry out your bodily functions. Egg yolks and egg whites both contain 13 varieties of minerals including, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and selenium, and egg yolks have most of them when compared to egg whites. Think of this, 90 percent of calcium is contained in the yolk, and 90 percent of iron is contained in the yolk. Now what!

The question of egg whites or egg yolk has therefore only one answer, eat more of whites, but do not avoid the yolks.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 18, 2014, 2:04 [IST]