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Do Healthy Eating Habits Cause Obesity?

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Most of us are obsessed with healthy eating habits but a recent study claims that just eating healthy stuff is not enough to control obesity. Portion size also matters! The study claims that people generally end up eating too much when they are eating healthy stuff.

There is a reason for this. People generally think that it is good to eat healthy stuff as much as possible and this is where the importance of portion size comes into the picture. Also, when some healthy foods are less filling, people tend to stuff in more and more to feel full.

Healthy Eating Habits-Good Foods

The research further claims that most of the foods available in the market are coming up with 'healthy food' tags and this is making people think that eating more of such foods can really be beneficial to health.

Healthy Eating Habits- Bad Foods

This trend is contributing a lot to the obesity issues of every country according to that research. As a part of the study, researchers used a method called as multi-method-approach. They also investigated the 'feeling' that most of us have. Why do we think that healthy foods seldom keep us filled?

Healthy Eating Habits- Fast Foods

During the first round, nearly 50 people participated in the study. All the participants were given some cookies to eat. Some of the participants were given cookies with a tag that says 'healthy' whereas others were given the same cookies with a different tag that says 'unhealthy'.

Healthy Eating Habits- Fat Man

After they ate the cookies, their hunger levels were tested. Researchers also studied a different group of people which was made to order some food before they watched a short film. Researchers also closely observed their food intake while they were busy watching the film.

Healthy Eating Habits- salads

The results of the study claim that most of us perceive healthy foods as less filling. This might make us binge eat when we are consuming so called healthy foods. Also, it seems that our eating behaviour is a lot impacted by what we see on the labels of foods.

So, it is important to eat healthy foods but it is more important to mind the portion sizes too if you really wish to curb obesity, according to this research.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 30, 2015, 9:54 [IST]
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