Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks That Work

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When it is about weight loss, we leave no tables unturned. We try all the new things that we come across just so that we do see the change in us. Today, we here at Boldsky are going to share the bizarre weight loss tricks that actually work.

These unique and bizarre tricks actually work and it is worth giving a shot. Read on to know more about the different weird tricks used for weight loss.

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Trying out something strange and weird usually helps to reduce weight. But you need to understand that these tips are not harmful. Going on a crash diet on the other hand, is harmful even if you tend to lose weight faster. Little do you realise that you will just end up dehydrated.

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We are sharing some of the bizarre yet healthy weight loss tricks that work. So, read on to know more.


Eat More Beans

When you eat more beans there are chances of reducing the risk of being over weight. This is low in fat and high in fibre which helps to stabilise the sugar level in blood. This is one of the bizarre weight loss tricks that actually works.



This is the best food of choice for weight loss. Opt for this instead of white or brown bread. The nuts, fruits and oats present in it make it a healthy option to try for weight loss.


Eat Big Lunch

If you think that eating a heavy lunch may make you feel tired and dizzy then do not go by that fact alone. Instead of ingesting high calories food during your dinner time, it is better to eat a heavy meal in noon as the body is able to digest better. For dinner, you need to have something light and with less calories.


Use Turmeric More

Curcumin present in turmeric helps to burn fat effectively. This ingredient helps to suppress the fat tissue development. So the next time you are cooking, make sure you add an extra pinch of turmeric.


Eat More Pickles

The main component of pickles is vinegar and acetic acid. These components help in lowering the blood sugar levels , blood pressure and it also reduces fat formation. If you are checking on your sodium consumption then you need to give this option a skip as pickles are rich in salt.


Smell Peppermint

Yes, you read it right! The smell of peppermint helps to reduce the hunger pangs which help you to eat less. Apart from this unique use of peppermint, it is widely used to improve your immune system, skin and hair care and it also improves the blood circulation. You can also drink a cup of peppermint tea for weight loss.


Use Red Dishes

While eating food, make sure you choose red plates instead of white or any other colour. Red colour is a sign of caution and alerts you to stop. This helps you to stop taking the extra serving the next time. This is one of bizarre weight loss tricks that actually works. Try it out.

If you have any other bizarre weight loss tricks that can actually work, then feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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