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Avoid These Foods For Better Love Making

By: Archana Mukherji
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Love making is a noble act between a husband and a wife. It is very essential for a healthy relationship between them. Love making is a way to share your love and gives immense pleasure to the couple. Studies have proved that regular love making is very essential for a healthy living because it is a great exercise for every part of your body. However, when making love, it is very essential that both the husband and wife satisfy each other to the fullest. One important aspect that plays a vital role in love making is the food you consume. So, if you want your bedroom to be a bliss, better beware of unhealthy foods and beverages.

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Have you ever felt that you have a lower drive for love making? If so, have you ever given a thought on what are the foods to avoid for better love making life? This is the true with many people. They have a lesser drive for love making but are not aware of the foods to avoid for better love life.

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We all think that consumption of low-fat foods can help us from becoming fat and obese. However, a certain amount of fat is definitely essential for a healthy living. It is the excessive sugar and carbohydrates that lead to weight gain and make you fat. Abundance of sugar and carbohydrates in food lead to tiredness, fatigue and a lower drive for love making.

This article helps you with tips on the foods to avoid for better love making life.


Burgers And Hot-Dogs:

Come weekends, and we all want to grab some burgers and hotdogs containing low-grade meat. These can cause inflammation and also make your love making hormones weak. Especially in males, the love making hormone called testosterone which is essential for a fulfilling love making life, gets weakened. You can rather prefer fish or grass-fed meat which is healthy and will keep you at peak in your bedroom.


Ice Creams:

Ice-cream is everyone's favourite. But it is completely packed with sugars and artificial sweeteners. Thereby it is for sure, one of the foods to avoid for love making life.


French Fries:

Loaded with trans-fats, French fries are really addictive. It can easily cause a bloating and weight gain in you. And the worst of all is that it kills your love making drive. Not only French fries, but all fried foods seem to make you less active at love making.



Just consider this your enemy. Many people are mistaken thinking that diet sodas are healthy, however, it is not. It only causes weight gain and makes you lose your interest in love making.


Alcohol And Mixed Drinks:

Alcohol, as we all know kills you. No good are mixed drinks because they also contain certain amount of alcohol. This increases your blood sugar level and also lowers your love making drive.



Pastas increase the glucose level and fat in your body, making you sluggish and inactive at love making.

So, next time you want to have a nice time with your partner at bed, do keep in mind what are the foods to avoid for better love making life. It is always good to eat healthy food and avoid packaged and processed food.

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