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Avoid Adding These Foods To Your Grocery Cart

By: Sneha A

Though shopping in a supermarket seems like an easy task to do; the truth is, if you don’t think before you put things in your grocery cart, it is quite possible that you are not making the best choice for you and your family’s health.

The truth is that companies are extremely deceptive when it comes to presenting the truth about what elements and ingredients constitute to their products. There are numerous ways by which they can just make their offerings look healthy.

They trick their customers in so many ways by confusing them and cleverly hiding the true facts regarding the products.

To add to the misleading information, so as to fool the buyers, the stores are also stuffed with so many tempting choices that are extremely hard to resist. Ice creams, cookies, soda, chocolates and the list goes on.

For a health-conscious buyer, making the right choice is not so easy any more. So, to simplify it, here are 8 foods that you should never add to your grocery cart.

Their ingredients may make them look like a healthier option, but to save yourself from being deceived, set these as ground rules for your grocery shopping. Therefore, follow this list of foods that you should never add to your grocery cart.


1. Reduced fat peanut butter:

Any fat-free product is not essentially a healthy option. When companies take out the fat, to balance the taste and the flavour, they mostly add sugar to it.

Now ‘fats' is not all bad and definitely better than that added sugar. The regular peanut butter is also loaded with lots of proteins that will surely do you good.


2. Swordfish:

Very few people are aware that swordfish is extremely high in mercury. It will be much better to avoid this fish and opt for something safer.


3. Processed meats:

Processed meats are usually extremely high in nitrates and also in harmful chemical additives that are added so as to preserve them for a longer time.

These can cause life-threatening diseases such as cancer and many more. To add to this, such meats are very high in saturated fats causing cardiovascular problems in the body.


4. Foods with ‘cellulose’:

Keep foods that contain cellulose away. Have a look at the ingredient list of products and keep cellulose-containing products away. Cellulose is just another name for wood pulp and is added by the producers, so as to show the increased fibre content of a product.


5. Energy bars:

These bars are nothing but over-priced snacks that are stuffed with high amounts of sugars and fats. Even the calories are almost equal to the regular bars and still you pay almost twice the amount. A handful of nuts is definitely a much better food to be consumed in this case.


6. Multi-grain bread:

A fantastically disguised junk food. It is mostly just a few grains mixed with regular white bread. So, unless and until the first main ingredient is whole wheat, it will be better to skip this and opt for a regular brown bread instead.


7. Artificial sweeteners:

A big no to these is a must, as they are nothing but processed chemicals. Hence, make sure to never go by their promotional information.


8. White rice:

White rice and other such refined grains increase the risk of heart diseases and diabetes, hence it is always better to stay away from them; and if you can not help yourself, go for brown rice instead.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 26, 2015, 22:05 [IST]
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