Foods You Should Never Buy Again

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Eating the right food is a step towards healthy living. There are foods that we consume on everyday basis, but that does not mean that they are healthy. One needs to understand and differentiate between foods that are healthy and those that are harmful.

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Today, here we at Boldsky are sharing a list of foods that you should never buy again. These foods are generally filled with toxins, additives and other harmful chemicals which can have an adverse affect on our body. This is seen mostly in processed foods. These foods should be avoided for a healthy you.

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When you are clear on selecting the best foods to stay healthy, sorting out theses unhealthy foods is easy. Read on to know more about the foods that you should never buy again.


Processed Meats

Stop buying those nuggets and patties from the counter. Studies reveal that it contains 400% extra sodium and preservatives than uncooked meat. It contains certain nitrates that can lead to cancer. Avoid buying this food completely and make your own patties and nuggets instead.


Regular Sodas

We all know consuming sodas regularly harms our body. But did you know that each can of soda contains 10 tsp of sugar? Studies reveal that the caramel colouring that is used in the sodas increases the risk of cancer by almost 58 %.


Multi-Grained Bread

Multi-grained bread is not healthy all the time as they mix only a few grains in the white bread. You can make your own bread by mixing barley, oats, brown rice and quinoa. This is one of the foods that you should never buy again.


Reduced Fat Peanut Butter

Peanuts are generally fatty nuts which are good for heart. Fat free peanut butter is stuffed with useless calories and flavours. This makes it unhealthy. Instead, make your own spread.


White Rice

Do not opt for white rice unless it is needed. Instead, use brown rice. Studies reveal that people who eat more of white rice are prone to diabetes. This is one of the foods that you need to avoid buying.


Microwave Popcorn

The butter present in the pack is processed along with many preservatives. Avoid using them. Instead you can make your own popcorn and use a dollop of butter for seasoning as this is much healthier when compared to packed product.


Sugar-Free Candies

The next time you pick up a pack of these candies make sure you read the ingredients mentioned below. These candies are stuffed with artificial sweeteners to provide the taste. The body does not digest these sweeteners and can cause stomach ache as well.


Ready To Use Flavoured Iced Tea

Ready to use iced tea contains fructose corn syrup, artificial flavours and other sugars that are adhesive. Avoid buying them. Instead. you can make your own chilled cup of ice tea and store it in the fridge.

These are the foods that you should never buy again. If you know any of the foods that need to be avoided, you can share with us.

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