Remedies For Burning Eyes

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People can suffer many illnesses without complaint, but not the afflictions of the eye. This is because the eyes are our windows to the world, our primary source of information. Burning eyes mean red, itchy or irritated eyes. There are many things that can cause this, like dust or other fine particles getting into the eyes. Pollution is also responsible for burning eyes along with allergies. All these result in red puffy and burning eyes.

There are many remedies for burning eyes, many of which can be done at home. The trick is to avoid panic and try not to rub your eyes. This will be easier said than done, but instead of bringing you relief, rubbing or scratching your eyes it will do just the opposite. Here are some remedies that you can try to get rid of your burning eyes.

Water wonder: One of the first remedies for burning eyes that you can try is to splash your eyes and face with cold water. Remember to keep your eyes open while splashing. The cold water will help soothe your burning eyes.

Remove the cause: In many cases burning eyes are caused by some allergic reactions or exposure to pollution or dust. Removing these factors will help acting as remedies for burning eyes.


Remedies For Burning Eyes

Cold compress: While you are trying to treat burning eyes, wash them in cold water and apply a cold compress for some time. These will greatly help in bringing down the puffiness and will also reduce the temptation to itch.

Artificial tears: Applying some artificial tears to the burning eyes is a good option. But, be careful before you apply any eyedrops as these can worsen the condition in some case. Check with your doctor before doing so.

Saline rinses: While treating burning eyes, we have already seen that cold water and cold compress will help a lot. So does washing your eyes in saline water or using some eye lubricants.

Chamomile: Steep some dried chamomile flowers in boiling water and use this to wash your eyes after cooling. This simple mixture is an effective method to treat burning eyes and can be performed at home.

Cucumber slices: When you go for a facial at your beauty parlour, they will place a couple of cucumber slices on your eyes! This same method can be employed while trying remedies for burning eyes.

Aloe Vera: The aloe vera plant has a myriad medicinal uses. Mixing a little aloe vera juice with some cold water and using this to wash your eyes can serve as remedies for burning eyes.

Honey and warm milk: Sometime the burning eyes can be because of an infection like conjunctivitis. A mixture of honey with some warm milk is an amazing eye wash and is one among the remedies for burning eyes.

Potato magic: Potato slices are well known for their ability to treat dark circle. But, apart from that potato is a good solution for your burning eyes. Keep potato slices on your eyes for some time to get the result.

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