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10 Potent Fruits That Naturally Prevent Cancer

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Cancer is all set to become the leading cause of death in many countries across the world in a few years to come. A complex disease that involves huge treatment expenditure and terribly saps life force, cancer strikes fear in the lives of victims and their families. However, by employing a proper diet that is replete with potent foods, cancer can be prevented. While we look at the foods that prevent cancer, our focus in this article on the healthiest fruits that prevent cancer.

Fruits are an incredible source of vitamins and minerals that heal the body naturally. These fruits that fight cancer can also be categorized under the healthiest fruits in the world, the most healthy fruits in the world, fruits that boost immunity and fruits that boost the immune system.

So let us go ahead and look at these fruits that prevent cancer.

Here are 10 potent fruits to cure cancer. Read on...



Berries are rich in antioxidants and work to naturally prevent cancer. Moreover, they are less in sugar content in comparison to other fruits. Blueberries and cranberries have proven anti-cancer properties, making them powerful anti-cancer foods.



Tomatoes contain lycopene, an incredibly powerful component that, once again, has proven anti-cancer properties. Tomatoes prevent stomach and intestinal cancers and are easily one of the healthiest foods in the world.



Citrus fruits, oranges in particular, are rich in vitamin C and fibre. This combination of contents boost the immune system and stave off cancer. Oranges are known for their ability to supremely reduce the risk of liver and stomach cancer.



Well, we all know of that saying about apples,don't we? Apples help to maintain oral health and also boost the body's immune system. They prevent asthma and work wonders in the fight against diabetes as well. Apples are mostly potent owing to their rich composition of flavonoids which are natural anti-cancer elements.



Several recent medical studies have attested the astounding potency of avocados in preventing dreaded diseases like cancer and digestive problems. Avocados are supremely rich in vitamins B6, C and E. As far as foods to prevent cancer is concerned, avocados are right at the top.



Bananas help to regulate blood sugar levels. They are rich in potassium and magnesium- both extremely essential elements required by the body. It must be noted that cancer cells feed on sugar and in the case of bananas, it must be said that they are lovely in regulating blood sugar levels in the body.



Once again,grapes are lovely fruits that naturally battle cancer. They are particularly noted for their ability to prevent stomach and colon cancer. They contain resveratrol, a crucial compound that also regulates blood pressure levels in the body.



Mangoes are sweet,no doubt. But when consumed in limited quantities, their rich content of lutein and zeaxanthin is impressive in reducing the risk of cancer.



Rich in tannins, pomegranates are wonderful fruits that significantly flush out toxins from the human body. They are known for their ability to reduce the risk of blood cancer in humans.



Papayas are rich in vitamin A, B and E. They regulate blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels in the body, making them natural anti-cancer foods.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 18, 2014, 13:22 [IST]
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