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Effects Of Listening To Loud Music


Who doesn’t love listening to loud music? Music feels good when heard at a good volume. The younger generation loves having their earphones plugged to their ears and moving around their workplace or when traveling.

No wonder this generation is called the gadget generation. You can’t really live without listening to your favorite bands or your favorite tune list. This is what’s amazing about the whole gadget culture, especially with the music listings.

When it comes to listening to music, U.S. and UK act like competitors. So, is there anything wrong with listening to music at a loud volume? Do you think loud volume can harm your ears or any other part of your body? A lot of scientists claim that loud music can harm your ears or your brain; in fact it can even make your body problematic.

It seems like the best deal possible to plug in your earphones and keep the world music out of your ears. Though it drowns out the music from the world, it can affect your ears badly. Can it harm something else too? Well, there are some effects of listening to loud music which need to be taken care of. Here are a few effects that you need to take into account.

Hearing Loss

One of major effects of listening to loud music can be loss of hearing. Yes, you heard it right! When the volume of your music goes beyond 90 decibels, it starts affecting the ear drums. You can feel it in the way the sounds begin to vibrate through your ear and other parts of the body. In most cases you suffer from temporary hearing issues. But, in the long run you may experience complete loss of hearing. Make sure you don’t plug in your earphones for too long a time, or if you do you just ensure the decibels are perfect.

Nerve Issues

Nobody told you this, did they? Listening to music at loud volumes can actually make your nerves weak. You will experience major nerve issues in this case. You will see that nerves are eventually damaged in the process. This simply means that the signals that were to reach the brains would stop reaching the place, and would eventually cause major issues to your brain and the whole body as in its functioning.

Ear Infection

Let’s say you share the earphones with someone you love. But, when you share the earphones, you are also planning to share the infection that may be present in either of yours’ ear. Now that cannot be a good idea. The harmful bacteria come into the earphone, which eventually comes to your ear when you plan to plug in both the earphones to your ear. Ear infection is one of the major effects of listening to loud music or plugging in earphones.

Lowers Concentration

When loud music is constantly plugged into your ears, you will eventually find that your concentration levels are lowered. You will find your hearing and listening skills declining majorly. You won’t be able to grasp the words in the first go itself. Listening to loud music has its own issues and problems. You will find yourself entangled in the web eventually.

The other possible effects of hearing loud music can be hearing muffled sounds every now and then. Blurring of sounds is also another effect of listening to loud music.

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