Castor Oil: Weight Loss & Other Health Benefits

By: Asia Fathima
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Castor oil is an extract obtained from the seeds of the plant known as Ricinus Communis. Offering a number of health benefits, the oil is used in a multitude of everyday products available in the market. You can find this oil extract in products like soaps, medicines and cosmetics to name a few. However, one of the astounding benefits of castor oil is weight loss. People who have trouble losing weight can try introducing castor oil in their diet.

Rich in Vitamin E, minerals as well as proteins, this yellowish oil also contains anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which is the primary reason for its use in various medicines. While the use of traditional medicine with castor oil extracts for weight loss is increasing, there is also a growth in diets that are based on this oil. Most of these diets are based on the purification process of the body, thereby helping it eliminate fat and shed excess weight.

As per standard specifications, consuming about two ounces of castor oil or even less can trigger a weight loss. However, consumption of this oil exceeding the basic set limit might not go well with the body. The basic process of this oil, once inside your body, is to clean away waste from the intestine tract, to help you lose weight. Here are some health benefits of including castor oil in your diet for weight loss. ALSO READ: Top 5 Unhealthy Cooking Oils

Castor Oil: Health Benefits for Weight Loss

Castor Oil: Weight Loss & Other Health Benefits

Intake of castor oil for weight loss can aid you in detoxifying your body, to help it stay healthy and safe from problems. Once ingested in the digestive region, the oil works towards stimulating the organs in removal of wastes.

Dissolves fat
Apart from taking this oil orally, you can apply castor oil directly to the skin to achieve weight loss. When applied on the skin, the oil seeps into the skin tissue and organs located below the skin, forcing the fat to burn away.

By introducing castor oil in your diet for weight loss, you can take advantage of its antimicrobial properties that can protect your body from fungal infections. The antibacterial properties of this oil work well towards relieving pain and reducing itching. 

Reduces Blockages
Blockages such as lymph and abnormal masses can be treated by applying this oil on the affected area. The oil works its way to reduce the blockages and prevent weight gain through water retention. It also moisturizes the skin and stimulates warmth.

Healthy Skin

Use of castor oil to achieve weight loss will also help you in enhancing the health of your skin. Being low in molecular weight, this oil has the tendency to get absorbed effectively, thereby making your skin soft and healthy.

Enhanced Joint Health
Apart from weight loss, castor oil can also help if you are suffering from painful joints. Loaded with pain relieving functionalities, this oil can help alleviate your joint pain and give you healthy joints effectively.

Introducing castor oil in your diet for weight loss is one of the best ways to stay healthy and achieve the desired weight loss. However, it is important to remember that consuming the oil in its original form might alter the balanced digestion process of the body. Hence, to achieve best results, it can be consumed with juices.

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Story first published: Monday, January 13, 2014, 16:43 [IST]
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