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Ways To Delay Period Naturally

By Tara Hari

A woman can have multiple reasons for wishing to delay her periods. She might want to delay her periods because she might have to go on a long, strenuous trip and having her period will seriously hamper her mobility. She might have a special occasion or function coming up, where being on her period will be an extra hassle. If the woman is suffering from a serious medical condition like anemia, it makes frequent, painful periods a major health hazard.

Using natural methods to delay your periods is safe for a few days up till a few weeks. If you want to delay your periods for a longer period than that, it is advisable to get a doctor's professional opinion.

Delaying your periods frequently will hamper with the normal functioning of your body, so you are advised to try these various methods only when your need is very urgent. Given below are a few tips to delay your periods naturally.


Spicy Food

Numerous women follow the principle that if you eat spicy food, then your period will happen faster. If spicy foods are used to hasten your period, then you can also use it to delay your period. Refraining from eating spicy food or avoiding spicy food in your regular diet will be an effective way to delay your period naturally. Make sure to avoid common spices like garlic, pepper or ginger. Start this diet at least two weeks before the date to delay your periods.



Take a glass of mineral water and mix three or four spoons of vinegar in it. Drinking this is an effective way to delay your periods. It will slow down your menstrual symptoms and reduce the flow as well. Drink this natural remedy at least two or three times a day to get the best results.


Gram Lentils

A traditional method to naturally delay your period was to have fried gram lentil soup with warm water. You are supposed to have this gram lentil soup every day, at least one week before your periods. You can

prepare this by frying gram until they turn relatively soft. Grind the fried gram until it becomes a fine powder. This powder can be used as the base of the soup, by adding warm water to the powder. For best

results, have this soup every morning on an empty stomach.



This is a very effective method to naturally delay your period. Take a packet of gelatin mix and mix it well with warm water. Rapid ingestion of this mixture will help put off your period for around four hours. This is an excellent way to delay your period naturally, when faced with an emergency situation.


Emotional Stress

This is one of the best natural ways to delay your period. If a woman undergoes a lot of stress, she will miss her menstrual cycle or her period will get delayed, even if she does not want her menstrual cycle to alter. You can try taking more responsibilities in your life that will push you to your limits. Or you can devote yourself to a new project that can be emotionally draining for you.



Physical stress is also a trigger for delaying your period naturally. Knowingly pushing against your physical limits to induce stress is healthier than trying to induce emotional stress. Even if you exercise regularly and are a normally fit person, try to completely wear yourself

out. Opt for high intensity workouts when at a gym. You can also try vigorous exercises like cycling uphill, aerobic dance or swimming continuous laps. Exercising is one of the simplest and most natural ways

to delay your period.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 25, 2013, 7:02 [IST]
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