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How To Eat Ginger On A Regular Basis?

The health benefits of ginger are pretty well-known. The ginger root has several medicinal properties that can help to keep you fit. Ginger helps to get rid of cough and cold. Ginger is also great for your digestive system. But the problem is, how to eat ginger in a healthy and regular way. Adding ginger to food is just one way to have ginger. But it is neither enough nor the healthiest way on how to eat ginger.

To get all the health benefits of ginger, we have to use some other ways to add this spice in our diet. So the question of how to eat ginger more regularly needs to be answered. Having plain grated ginger is one of the best ways to consume this healthy spice. But it is very hard to go-on chewing grated raw ginger.

Brewing ginger with tea is another way. Ginger is both healthy and refreshing. And other way to use it is by adding the juice of ginger to salads and soups. If you really want to know more healthy ways on how to eat ginger regularly, then you can take a look at the below options.


Grated Ginger

Keeping a piece of grated ginger in your mouth can be a natural way to stop coughing. You can carry some grated ginger and stuff it into your mouth every time you have bout of painful coughing.


Ginger n Honey

Having pieces of ginger with honey is a great way to build your immunity. The anti-inflammatory ginger and honey build your immunity against cold infections.


Ginger n Basil

You already have a cold allergy, then have ginger pieces wrapped up in basil leaves. This herbal combination fights with cold and cough infections.


Ginger Tea

If you are coming down with a bad migraine headache, nothing like a cup of steaming hot ginger tea to relax. Brewing tea with a grated ginger absorbs all the juice of ginger that helps to keep headaches at bay.


Ginger Soup

Ginger is a very flavourful spice. You can add it as the dominant flavour in soups that contains chicken, tomato or other vegetables. Ginger brewed soup helps to clear nasal congestion.


Ginger Bread

Ginger bread is part of mythical stories in which the ginger bread man baked by an old granny came to life! Jokes apart, bread fosters with ginger essence is very tasty and healthy too.


Ginger Juice

Boil water with ginger, cinnamon sticks and star anise for about five minutes. Strain the light brow liquid that you get. Drink this lukewarm spicy herbal concoction to detoxify your body. It is what the Indians call, 'kaada'.


Ginger Powder Instead Of Salt

Powdered ginger is very useful for people who have high blood pressure. You can use this spice instead of adding salt to your food. It helps to keep blood pressure in check.


Ginger On Salad Dressing

Grated or powdered ginger can also be a very tasty salad dressing. Mix grated ginger with olive oil and drizzle it over your green salads for flavour.


Ginger Pickle

Ginger pickle is pretty popular all over the world. You can pickle ginger with aromatic herbs like thyme and rosemary in olive oil. Ginger pickle can make your bland meals tasty as well as healthy.


Ginger Juice With Desserts

Ginger has a slightly spicy taste. But this can add a zing to your desserts too. Juice of ginger tastes very zippy with doughnuts and muffins.


Ginger For Baking Fish

Ginger flavour goes very well with fish. If you want to enjoy healthy grilled fish, marinate it with lots of ginger and less of salt.


Ginger To Spice Mocktails

Adding a piece of ginger to your fruit mocktails gives a different dimension to its taste. Plus, it is good for your throat.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 15:35 [IST]
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