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Home Remedies For Natural Phlegm Removal

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The first signs of catching cold is felt in your throat or nasal passage. If you feel a blockage in your nose or throat, then it is due to phlegm. There are many ways of phlegm removal from the throat and nose. But not all these ways are natural. When it comes to phlegm removal, home remedies are always the best way out.

When you feel phlegm accumulating your throat, you should spit it out. But the trouble is that the phlegm often get too dry and is hard to get rid of. Most cold infections aggravate because phlegm removal does not happen on time. If you allow the phlegm to get accumulated in your throat and lungs, it will get infected. That is when you get to see green or red coloured discharge from your nose and throat.

Once the phlegm is infected, the only way out is to have antibiotics. But a few simple home remedies can prevent your condition from worsening. So you must try phlegm removal via home remedies so that you don't have to depend on strong medications. Start these simple home remedies the moment you realise that your throat is congested with phlegm.

Here are some natural phlegm removal methods that can help you avoid cold infections.


Hot Water

Having hot water is one of the best ways to liquefy your phlegm. On some mornings, you wake up with a totally choked throat. Have warm water and your voice starts coming back.


Honey n Lemon

Both honey and lemon juice are blessed with loads of natural potency to cure cold. Have warm water with lemon juice and honey in it. It helps to force the phlegm out of your throat.


Gargling With Salt Water

Salt water gargling is a sure shot way to arrest any kind of throat infection at the core. The salt water helps to bring out the infectious microorganisms out of your throat due to osmosis.


Hot Beverages

Hot beverages like herbal tea brewed with ginger, basil and cloves can help to thin out the consistency of the phlegm.


Gargling With Tea

Tea is one of the very effective natural ingredients for phlegm removal. Gargling with tea helps to coagulate the phlegm and thus bring it out.


Spicy Food

Food that is hot and spicy also helps to liquify your phlegm. That is why having hot soups and zesty flavoured food can help you cough out the phlegm from your throat.


Turmeric Rinse

Turmeric is one of the most versatile spices available to us. Gargling with hot water and turmeric allows you to get rid of infected phlegm.


Inhale Steam

Steam inhaled into the nasal passage and wind wipe, help to keep the phlegm in liquid state. Once the phlegm is of thin consistency, it comes out of your system easily.


Sneeze Often

Sneezing very hard and forcefully may not be a doctor's recommended way of phlegm removal, but it surely works. After you have inhaled steam, you can keep some tissues handy and sneeze out the phlegm.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 18, 2013, 8:03 [IST]
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