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Healthy Ways To Eat Mushrooms

By Tara Hari

That time of the year has come around when you start noticing mushrooms popping up in the aisles of all your closest supermarkets. Make sure you do not miss out on this healthy, yummy delicacy. One of the healthiest foods out there, mushrooms also offer a treat to your taste buds. Mushrooms have an earthy, exotic flavour that very few people can resist. Packed with vitamins, nutrients and minerals, mushrooms work wonders for your overall health. It boosts up energy levels, improves immunity, keeps off the excess weight, gives extra flavour to bland food and most importantly, keeps off cancer. Mushrooms are loaded with Vitamin D, which makes it an essential food item in your pantry, especially during winters. Mushrooms are also an excellent substitute for meat. Here are some healthy ways to eat mushrooms.

Raw Mushrooms

Mushrooms do not have to be cooked to be delicious; they are quite tasty when eaten raw as well. They can be sliced or chopped thinly and added to salads or sandwiches. Since mushrooms store the dirt in their small crevices, they have to be thoroughly cleaned before eating.

Roasted Mushrooms
A great way to bring out the innate sweetness of mushrooms is by roasting them. Roasting is also a healthy method of cooking mushrooms. You can lightly drizzle the mushrooms with olive oil before you put them in the oven to bring out the natural flavour of mushrooms. Leave them in the oven until they turn brown.

Stir Fried Mushroom
A delicious, simple and healthy way to eat mushrooms would be to stir fry it. Stir frying mushrooms is one of the quickest and tastiest ways to eat them. It is also a very healthy way to eat mushrooms as the amount of oil sucked up by the mushrooms during cooking is controlled and left to a bare minimum. A simple tip to stir fry mushrooms is to cut them into small pieces, and help them cook faster.

Braised Mushrooms
Braised mushrooms will be one of the most satisfying vegetarian meals you can ever have. Braising helps draw out the subtle flavours and textures of the mushroom by slowly cooking it at low temperature with a bit of liquid. The flavours of the mushroom becomes deep, making braised mushrooms a healthy and satisfying meal.

Breaded Mushroom
This is a tasty and healthy snack that will be a huge hit with the kids. The mushrooms retain their flavour and healthy goodness, while also being an irresistible delicacy. Mushrooms can be breaded in the same way as chicken.

Grilled Mushrooms
This is one of the healthiest ways to eat mushrooms as it takes up very little oil. If the mushrooms are large enough, you can place them directly over the grill, or if they are smaller, then can be cooked on a skewer. Some oil can be lightly drizzled for some extra flavour, and it also keeps the mushrooms tender and moist.

These are some of the healthy ways in which you can eat mushrooms.

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