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Habits That Make You Impotent

By Tara Hari

Most men refuse to acknowledge impotency, as they feel that accepting the issue will only make their condition more real. Impotency is a common problem shared by a large number of men. It is also an issue that will not cease to exist just because you ignore it. There are a variety of treatments that you are missing out on, just because you are not willing to seek help or are too embarrassed to talk about your problems.

Male impotence is known as erectile dysfunction. It denotes the deficiency of a person's physiological sexual capability. When a man suffers from this condition, he will lack the ability to get or maintain an erection of the penis. This hampers satisfactory sexual performance. There are a number of causes and reasons for sexual impotence. But sometimes a number of your regular habits may be the culprit for your impotence. Let us look at the habits that cause impotence.



A little known fact is that if you are in the habit of cycling as a mode of exercise, you might become impotent. A study showed that men who had the habit of cycling for more than three hours a week had higher rates of impotence than men who rode for a lesser time period.



If you are in the practice of drinking a lot of coffee or caffeinated drinks, then you better kick the habit. Higher levels of caffeine consumption are related with increased levels of impotence. So chuck that morning coffee and switch to green tea.



Eating an unbalanced diet is a bad habit that is a sure way to cause impotency. The body needs all the essential nutrients for its proper functions. How can the body pump blood to the penis if it is not functioning properly? So an unhealthy diet is a habit that causes erectile dysfunction.



Snoring is a sign that your breathing is constantly disturbed during your sleep. Modern research has linked sleep apnea which causes snoring to impotency or erectly dysfunction. Those who snore during their sleep are twice as likely to suffer from impotence as those who do not.



Smoking is a surefire way to reduce your blood circulation. Impotency has long been related to smoking or the regular use of tobacco. Quit the habit of smoking to improve blood circulation and prevent impotency.



One of the most common causes for impotence is obesity. It is directly linked to erectile dysfunction. So it is time to ditch those unhealthy food habits to combat your impotence. Start incorporating regular exercise like swimming, jogging or aerobics into your daily routine. They help you shed weight and improve blood circulation to your penis.



If you do not catch up on the required 8 hours of sleep everyday, your body will be fatigues and refuse to function properly. This will cause impotency.



Heavy alcohol use is a bad habit that causes impotency. Consumption of alcohol causes the blood vessels to constrict and hamper the free and easy movement of blood throughout the body. This unhealthy habit will obstruct the passage of blood to the penis and cause impotency.



It is a common fact that even though we eat a lot, most of it is junk and we do not get the proper nutrition that we require. So we try to make up for it by taking supplements. But taking supplements are considered to be a bad habit that causes impotency. If your body is not nourished properly, how can it sustain an erection?



Too much stress is a bad habit that will cause impotency. If you keep obsessing over little things or over-analyzing trivial problems, you will suffer from impotency.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 6, 2013, 11:02 [IST]