Essential Personal Hygiene Tips For Women

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Personal hygiene is something that we do not always follow strictly. The reason is simple; it is private and no one will know if we break a few rules. However, some personal hygiene tips for women can help them avoid minor illness. Women are essentially prone to certain infections like UTI and yeast infection. These infections are often a result of not following basic genital hygiene.

So, personal hygiene for women is all the more important. Women's health issues keep getting swept under the carpet because they are careless. You may be a busy working woman or a happy housewife, no one really takes their health issues seriously. Certain personal hygiene tips for women are thus helpful to make them stay healthy.

Genital hygiene is the most important part of personal hygiene for women. A number of urinary tract and vaginal infections can be avoided if you have clean personal habits. Genital habits also come into play when you are in a physically intimate relationship.

Here are some essential personal hygiene tips for women to follow in order to have a healthy life.


Wash After Urinating

Every time you pass urine, there is chance of developing infection. The uric acid from the urine remains in the few left over drops. So wash your genitals with water and then wipe it dry with toilet paper.


Keep Pelvic Region Shaved

Pelvic hair is the cause of many infections. So shave off pelvic hair regularly. It is not a cosmetic but health prerogative.


Change Underwear Regularly

You need to change your underwear at least twice daily. Wearing the same underwear for a long time make it soggy and dampness is a storehouse of infections.


Use Panty Liners

When you are having increased vaginal discharge (during ovulation) use panty liners. They are not as thick as pads but they absorb the discharge instantly.


Change Pads Every 4 hours

No matter how little you bleed during your menstruation, you need to change pads every 4 hours on all 5 days. This is to ensure that the stale blood doesn't cause any vaginal infection.


Keep Armpits Shaved

Armpit hair is the main cause of body odour. So keep your armpits clean. It also prevents sweaty armpits.


Wash After Intercourse

Once you are sexually active, you have opened yourself up to many sexually transmitted infections. So always wash your genitals with an antiseptic soap after you get intimate.


Don't Hold Back Urine

You must not hold back pee when you feel the urge to urinate. This is very bad for your kidneys. And it also makes you prone to urinary infections.


Don't Wear Tight Bras

Many women make the mistake of wearing the wrong size of bra. Tight bras are extremely unhealthy for you. They can even lead to tumors and cause blood circulation problems. If you have skin rashes, it might be due to tight bras.

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