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5 Yoga Asanas To Cure Depression

Depression and anxiety are few side effects of our hectic modern lives. Most people go through a phase of depression in their life. Though it is not necessary that everyone will realise that they are depressed. But in some cases, depression can take a very ugly turn. It can even turn into insanity.

There are many ways to deal with depression and anxiety. Yoga can cure depression and is one of the self-motivated ways to deal with your illness. The asanas of yoga not only help you stay healthy but also enrich you emotionally. Yoga also relieves anxiety which is both a symptom and cause of clinical depression. If you have noticed any signs of depression in your behavior or mood, then you should start with some simple yoga asanas immediately.

Here are some asanas of yoga that heal depression.

1. Child Pose: It is believed that the mother's womb is the most comfortable place in the world. That is why when you crouch into a foetal position it give comfort to your body and mind. Sit on your knees, bend forward and lay your head close to your knees. Now either join your hands ahead of your head or lay them down beside you in an upturned position.

2. Legs On The Wall: This yoga asana is called Viparita Karani which literally translates to 'doing the opposite'. You are supposed to put your legs up against the wall while lying flat on your back. This makes your blood circulation flow in the opposite direction and makes you feel relaxed.

3. Standing Forward Bend: This pose is also referred to as the Mountain pose or Tadasana. This is one of the best poses to calm your mind. You are suppose to stand straight and bend forward to touch your ankles. This brings your face close to your knees giving you a feeling of being grounded. You can cure sleeplessness very easily by practicing this pose of yoga.

4. Cat Pose: The Bidalasana pose of yoga resembles the stretching of a cat. There are multiple steps in this yoga pose to cure depression. The fast paced breathing associated with this pose helps you relax and feel fresh mentally.

5. Head Stand: This pose is also called Shirshasanas in technical terms. You hold your body up straight balanced on your head. This posture increases the blood flow to the brain and relieves stress and insomnia. This yoga pose heals anxiety but is not suggested to be practiced by beginners. You need a trained yoga practitioner to do this asana without any injuries.

These 5 poses of yoga release depression from your mind and body. So try them and tell us about the results you get.

Story first published: Monday, December 17, 2012, 17:49 [IST]
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