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The most hot topic of discussions these days seems to be the health of women who are post 40 because that is time when you are at the peak 'risk' period as far as your health is concerned. But at the rate at which out lifestyles are becoming unhealthy, it makes sense to talk about the health issues of 20 something women first. Yes, you are young and strong but not necessarily healthy. Woman's Day 2012, it is a good time to stand back and take a look at your heath status. Are you following a health checklist for yourself.

The answer for most of the women in 20s will be 'no' and that is why this issue for them becomes all the more important to take note of on Women's Day.

Health Checklist For Women In 20s:

1. Sexual Health: Women's sexual health is a delicate issue that few discuss and rarely does anybody consult a doctor about it. But if you are a young woman in your prime then you are under normal circumstances sexually active. You need to take stock of your sexual hygiene and do so by consulting a gynecologist to get proper advice.

2. Pap Smear Test: Connected to the issue of women's sexual health is the topic of pap smear tests. You may not be aware but the only cancer that happens due to a virus (which is sexually transmitted) is cervical cancer and the only way to detect it is by regular pap smear tests. The numbers of casualties for cervical cancer as a killer disease are catching up and it is the young women who are falling prey to it. You must get it done ideally twice a year but even once a year is fine if you can manage it.

3. Eating Disorders: The size zero fad might have lost steam but it has certainly not run out of fuel. It is common for women in their late twenties to suddenly feel threatened by age catching up on them and going for ridiculous crash diets that give you nothing but bad eating habits in retrospect. You may be a victim of eating disorders like bolemia (Lady Diana had it) or anorexia without your knowledge. If you have trouble eating, you must see a nutritionist.

4. Menstruation Problems: Irregular periods might be a minor problem in your twenties when you are probably looking to conceive. But when you reach your 30s then it will be the single biggest health issues that women face; infertility. You must arrest the problem at the beginning. The cause of irregular menstruation cycles may be as serious as poly cystic ovaries (PCOS) or as simple as stress. Whatever it is, deal with it now instead of latter.

The health of women in 20s needs to get due attention and on the occasion of Women's Day 2012, make sure you do just that.

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Story first published: Monday, March 5, 2012, 12:46 [IST]
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