Myths About Organic Food

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Organic food is not a passing fad, it is here to stay. And it has soon developed the position of a raging trend. Anything that is a trend develops many myths around it. Naturally, organic foods too have grown a halo of myths; most of which are untrue. Most people do not know what is the essence of eating this kind of food. They only associate it with an unrelated cluster of words like 'fresh', 'nutritious' and 'natural'.

These are some of the things that you should know about organic foods. They are myths and deserve to be broken.

Organic Food

Organic food is natural food: Not all food that are natural are organic. Natural foods could be apples growing in the wilderness. Foods that are organic are grown in special farms by specially trained farmers. It contains no chemicals and are grown without using any hybrid seeds. Sustainable farming methods are used to cultivate these crops.

Organic foods are too expensive: Although, the price of organic food is more than normal food but, it is not substantially high. You can buy these foods at a much cheaper price from organic farms on a large scale. Whatever extra cost is being added to your monthly food cost will be repaid tenfold in terms of a good health.

Organic foods are vegetarian: Absolutely not. A major part of this kind of natural organic food includes meat, poultry and diary products. So there is no need to think that only vegans can get benefit from these healthy foods. The animals who provide organic meat are grown on sustainable and natural grazing grounds. Thus their meat is not contaminated by chemicals or toxins.

Anything green is organic: It is like saying anything that glitters is gold. But the proverb forewarns us. Organic foods are usually marked by a quality assurance agency. This agency varies from country to country. Find out which is the concerned body of certification in your country and look for their mark on the food you are buying.

There is no organic food for babies. Baby organ foods is specifically sold in many stores. Who do you think need fresh organic nutrients more than babies? In fact, they should be given first priority among the list of people who should go organic!

Eating organic foods is a one way ticket to good health. Unfortunately, there is no short-cut to good health. If you buy organic food and then overcook it, then it going to lose its nutrient value. Moreover overeating organic foods or eating them at the wrong timings ill also defeat the purpose of having them.

These are some of the myths about organic food that need to be broken. Did you believe in any of these?

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Story first published: Saturday, August 25, 2012, 10:54 [IST]
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