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Tips To Stay Healthy In Monsoon

Seasonal changes bring along various health problems. Just now, you are hit by summer heat but within a month or two, you will have to get wet in the monsoon rains. Even if you do not get wet in the rain, you often suffer from cold and cough in this season. In worst cases, you can suffer from viral fever. But, you can remain safe from such problems. Prevention is better than cure. Here is what you should do to be healthy in monsoon.

Tips to stay healthy this monsoon:

No cold water: When it is a hot summer day, you come home and immediately open the refrigerator door to take out some chilled water. During monsoon, you have to control this habit of gulping cold water. You might feel humid at times but, avoid drinking cold water. You might catch cold in the rainy season. So, care for your health buy avoiding cold water consumption. Cold drinks should also be seldom consumed. Just remember, it is not summer so, your body needs to be adjusted according to the climate.

Control your taste bud: During monsoon, diseases such as dengue, malaria are at their peak. Wet damp street corners are a home to mosquitoes and bacteria. Street food might tempt your taste buds, but you have to control yourself from salivating after seeing street foods. Street food is unhygienic and stale vegetables, yogurt, dirty water etc. used in it can make you ill.

Personal hygiene: The body is prone to infections too! In the monsoon season, your feet gets wet due to the rain. Do not forget to clean the feet especially toe nails. You might suffer from foot infections if you neglect personal hygiene. Rain water spoils hair so, do not forget to wash your hair after coming home on a wet evening. Dry the wet footwear under the sun to kill bacteria and germs. Wear fresh clothes every day.

Warm water bath: A cold shower can make you suffer from cold or fever. In monsoon, you have to care for your health by enjoying the amazing weather from the window panes. Prefer a warm water bath so that you do not have health problems. Warm water also kills germs from the body that might have attacked you when you were busy enjoying the rains.

Remember these health tips during monsoon. It is a super cool season to enjoy but, be careful about your health!

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Story first published: Friday, June 22, 2012, 14:31 [IST]
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