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Milk Causes These Health Problems


We are often advised to drink milk on a regular basis. Dairy products like milk and yogurt are really healthy for the body. They are rich in vitamins, proteins and nutrients. However, very few people can gulp down a glass of milk every day. Either the taste, smell or effects of milk makes them hate the dairy product. Many people complain that milk causes acidity, gastric problems, constipation and worsens cold and cough.

The main question is, does milk cause these health problems? Lets find out...

Milk causes...

Acid reflux: One of the common stomach problems that milk causes is acidity. If you drink milk in empty stomach, you might suffer from acid reflux. The increase in production of stomach acid and weakened stomach muscle in the esophagus are main causes of acid reflux. Also milk has saturated fat that relaxes the muscle and opens up. lower esophageal sphincter (a muscle in esophagus) prevents reflux. It opens when you drink or eat something and then contracts again. If it is loose, acid forms. It is believed that if you have milk after dinner, it soothes stomach inflammation and heart burn.

Acidity: Apart from acid reflux, milk also causes acidity. The acidic nature of the milk and saturated fats can lead to acidity. Cow's milk for example is acidic. However, not everyone suffers from acidity after drinking milk. If you drink milk in empty stomach, it can cause gastric problems and headache. So, always eat something with milk to avoid such problems. People who suffer from acidity after drinking milk should avoid this dairy product.

Constipation: Protein intolerance can cause constipation in many cases. The digestive system's incapability to process the proteins from milk often causes constipation. It is also known as milk intolerance. The digestive system doesn't function appropriately to digest the proteins of the milk thus disrupting the bowel movements. The small intestine functions slowly and this hardens the stool. If you suffer from constipation due to milk or other dairy products, exclude them from your diet list. Calcium and vitamins alternatives like foods or doctor's prescribed vitamin supplements can be helpful.

Acne: Did you know that there is a no milk acne diet? If you are suffering from acne, then milk can be one of the reasons behind it. Imbalance of testosterone hormone (in men and women), changes to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the sebaceous glands causes acne breakouts. Milk can increase inflammation in the body and also produce more sebum. This leads to acne breakout.

Cough: It is believed that milk can cause cough related throat problems. Milk or dairy intolerance can worsen cough and phlegm. Milk makes mucus, so, if you are suffering from cough and sore throat, do not drink milk till you get well.

Milk causes all these health problems. If you are allergic to milk, avoid drinking it completely. Have you suffered from any other problem due to milk? Share with us.

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