How To Drink Less Alcohol?

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These days, drinking alcohol has become a trend. Earlier, only adults used to drink but now even youth have started sticking to glasses of alcoholic drinks. There are very few alcoholic beverages that are healthy in some or the other ways. Alcohol like whiskey, beer, red wine and rum if consumed in moderate amounts can be healthy for the body. Beer for example dissolves kidney stones and warm rum helps fight cold.

But, alcoholism is something that is very addictive. Once you start drinking and love being intoxicated, you get tempted to do it again and again. One of the most common reasons behind drinking is, alcohol helps reduce stress and get better sleep. Well, if you drink this stress-buster drink more than the required amounts, you can become a victim of health problems like spoiled liver, kidneys and worst, alcoholism! So how to drink less alcohol? Here are simple health tips to drink less alcohol.

How To Drink Less Alcohol?

6 simple tips to drink less alcohol:

Decide before hand: When you know you are going to have alcohol, but want to control the intake of such beverages, you have to decide before itself. If you simply go and sit with a glass of alcohol, you will definitely get tempted to have more. So, if you wish to control the alcohol intake, decide before hand.

Stick to your goals: Alcohol if consumed in excessive amounts is harmful for the health. If you have decided to drink less alcohol, stick to your decision. Even if you get tempted, have a strong will to decline another glass.

Go for alternatives: There are many alternatives to alcohol. They are healthy and also helps you quit the habit of drinking. If you want to drink less alcohol, have coffee, boiled water or lemon juice. They are healthy alternatives to alcohol and don't make you stand out in the crowd.

Drink water before: This is one of the simplest and most effective tip to drink less alcohol. Drink more than 2 glasses of water before leaving for a party or get together. You will stay full and the urge to drink will reduce to a great extent.

Stuff yourself: Why rely on peanuts? Have proper meal so that you do not feel like drinking. Many people have little amount of food before drinking to avoid puking afterwards. Instead of eating less, eat proper amount of food so that you can ignore alcoholic drinks.

Quit alcohol diet: This is a very popular diet that is targeted at people who are addicted to alcohol. Include foods which give a slow rise to blood sugar levels . Yams, sweet potatoes, apples, plums, cherries and berries are a must have.

These are few healthy tips to drink less alcohol and quit the bad habit naturally. Do you have more ideas?

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 31, 2012, 17:22 [IST]
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