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Healthy Foods To Eat In Pub

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Healthy Foods To Eat In Pub
One of the basic reasons behind visiting a pub is to drink. It is something obvious. However, you would not just gulp alcohol down your throat. Few snacks compliment your favourite alcoholic drink. So, whenever, you visit a pub to drink, do not just consume alcohol. Having alcohol empty stomach is more harmful and toxic. Foods especially snacks are best teamed up with alcohol.

When you are drinking in a pub, you should not mix few foods with alcohol. For example, avoid having salty, oily or fried food and dairy products (such as cheese slices or butter coated snacks) with alcohol. These foods items can lead to inflammation in stomach or indigestion. In most of the cases, vomiting is common after munching such snacks. So, here are few healthy foods that can be consumed when you are drinking in a pub.

Healthy foods to team up with alcohol:

Prawn: Snacks made with prawn can be a great combination with alcohol. They are soft and melt instantly in your mouth. Deep fried prawns can be crisp but not too healthy for the body. If you do not want to put on weight while having alcohol, prefer prawn snacks that are not deep fried. Prawn doesn't let alcohol fat deposit in your body. When you have prawns with alcohol, your body's blood sugar levels doesn't increase. Normal alcohol can increase the blood sugar level. So, have prawns with low calorie alcohol.

Olives: Are you having white or red wine? Just dip an olive in it. You can freely eat olives with alcohol. They are healthy and can be digested easily. Olive improves blood flow in the body so, for better blood circulation, have olives with wine. It is a tasty and healthy snack to enjoy with alcohol. If you are at a pub, ask the bartender to add olive in your glass.

Pistachios: Many research studies have proved that pistachios are a healthy nut. You can either have these nuts raw or mix it with alcohol. If you are going to a pub, have pistachios. These nuts reduce bad cholesterol levels and control weight gain too! Salted pistachios can prevent you from feeling excessively high.

Salad: Green salad made with fresh vegetables and fruits can be a great healthy snack. Instead of ordering oily snacks, go for salad. The crunchy vegetables or juicy fruits will be great with alcohol.

When you visit to a pub, avoid ordering these:

Cream filled snacks: You might love cheese dipped snacks with alcohol, but the extra calories is not healthy for your body.

Pickled egg: Pickled eggs are one of the most common side food with alcohol. You might think that sucking pickles while boozing will not make you feel high. But, pickled eggs only leads to acidity and makes you feel pukish. Eggs can make you feel fuller but, this dairy product can easily make you take out whatever you have gulped down. So, avoid having pickled eggs with alcohol.

These are few healthy foods that can be teamed up with alcohol. When you visit a club, do not binge on fried snacks that are too salty or coated with sugar.

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