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Healthy Fast Food Alternatives

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We know that fast foods are unhealthy still we crave for eating them regularly. Fast foods are unhygienic and filled with fats & calories. It affects digestion, bowel movements and most importantly, makes you fat. But there are few healthy alternatives for fast foods that can control your food cravings and also aid weight loss.

Check out the healthy ways to make fast foods low in fats and calories. These healthy fast food alternatives can help you control your weight.

Healthy Fast Food Alternatives

5 ways to make fast food healthy and low in fats:

Grilled and baked chicken over fried ones: Fast foods like fried chicken can be really high in calories and fats. You can make it a tasty and healthy snack by baking or grilling it. Grilling doesn't require much oil and baking on the other hand is not only low in oil but also stores the nutrients and vitamins. When you fry chicken, all the nutrients and vitamins are lost as they get burned. So, grilled chicken can be a great healthy BBQ dish.

No creamy toppings: Love to decorate a dish with toppings? Exclude your toppings from the fast food if you are really conscious of your health and body. Creamy sauce or melted cheese in hamburgers or sandwiches are high in calories. Instead of topping your meal with cheese add few healthy ingredients like eggs, green vegetables and yoghurt.

Yoghurt over cream: Love to add cream to your fruits or vegetable salad? This cream can be really harmful for your health. Cream is highly rich in calories and bad cholesterol (LDL). Yoghurt is a healthy alternative for cream. The taste of your tasty fast food won't damage if you add yoghurt. Add spices like black pepper and chilli flakes to make your fast food even more tasty.

Chocolate milk shakes: Milk shakes are very high in calories and is known for increasing blood sugar levels. Avoid adding artificial sweeteners like mango syrup or rose syrup. Melt dark chocolate and prepare a chocolate milk shake as they are low in calories. Surprisingly, dark chocolates aids weight loss. So, have this healthy fast food.

Baked beef dog stew: Red meat is considered unhealthy as it warms the body and is very high in unsaturated fats. This makes it difficult to digest the meat and also increases body weight. However, if consumed in limited amounts, beef dog stew can be a healthy snack. Just bake the stews and try it. Sprinkle spices to make it tasty and more spicy.

These are few healthy alternatives of fast foods. They are low in calories and you do not need to worry about weight gain. Make it a point to take limited servings. Excessive consumption can be unhealthy.

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