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Healthy Drinks To Reduce Ageing

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Why do we start looking old at a younger age? It is because the body toxins are not flushed out properly. It is very important to dispose harmful acidic toxins to have a healthy body and a glowing skin. Unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet are also some reasons to get fine lines before the right age. Apart from having healthy foods like broccoli, cabbage, oats and peaches, you also have to include some healthy drinks in your diet.

Liquid diet is a trending method to lose weight without much effort. If you want to fight ageing, you can have some liquids that will help you have a flawless skin naturally. Here is a list of drinks that reduce your ageing process.

Drinks To Reduce Ageing

Water: It is very important to stay hydrated. You always hear this advice from beauty experts where they suggest you to drink lots of water. Water helps to get a glowing skin and also reduces ageing. This is because, water helps flush out acidic and harmful toxins from the system. It also helps moisten the skin and open the pores. Apart from reducing the formation of fine lines, water also helps get a glowing and shiny skin.

Green tea: This is one of the healthiest drinks that is not only good for the skin but also the body. Many dieters drink 2-4 cups of green tea regularly just to burn those extra fat deposits in their body. Green tea has polyphenols and EGCG (antioxidant) that is beneficial for the skin and hair. To have thick hair, wrinkle free skin and a perfect figure, drink a cup of green tea regulalry.

Tomato juice: This vegetable is rich in antioxidants. Lycopene (an antioxidant) fights ageing and helps maintain a glowing and flawless skin. If you do not like to eat the raw vegetable, just mash them into a juice and have it regularly. Tomatoes also improve digestion and bowel movements. This helps flush out toxins from the body and have a glowing and wrinkle free skin.

Hot cocoa: Limited consumption of caffeine is good for the heart. If you have a cup of brewed hot cocoa, you will have a healthy heart and a glowing skin. According to many researchers, cocoa has more antioxidants than caffeine thus making it a healthy drink. A study from Cornell University shows that cocoa has more antioxidants than coffee, red wine and green tea. Satisfy your sweet tooth by having hot cocoa. You can even have a cold cocoa milk shake.

Red wine: Controlling your urge to have a glass of wine at the wine and cheese party? Well, red wine has many health benefits. If consumed in limited amounts, red wine can protect the heart from diseases and also make you look young and beautiful. The drink reduces ageing because it has resveratrol (an anti-ageing ingredient) that makes you look young and it also increases life span. You can have a glass of red wine in dinner to stay fit and look gorgeous.

These are few healthy drinks that reduce ageing and makes you look young and beautiful.

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