Top 7 Health Trends Of 2012

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Do you think that fashion is the only aspect of our life that changes with trends? Then think again. Few years back aerobics was considered a very fashionable health trend to lose weight. But today, nobody is doing aerobics. Pilates is the new health trend. Earlier, we never had the concept of superfoods. But today, certain foods have been given the label of superfoods and they are considered latest when we talk about health trends.

So, let us take a look at the year that is passing by and recollect the biggest health trends of 2012.

Health Trends

1. Superfoods: Everyone wants to eat superfoods these days. There is something about this label that makes us think that these foods are healthier than regular foods. Some famous superfoods are bell peppers, berries, oats etc.

2. Menstrual Blood And Stem Cell Therapy: The system of extracting stem cells from menstrual blood has been recently discovered. This extraction process can be used to save millions of lives especially when it comes to cancer treatments. Model and actor Lisa Ray has survived bone marrow cancer using this procedure.

3. Pilates & Yoga: Pilates is a special kind of workout that came into vogue a few years back. But now, the raging trend is a combination of pilates and yoga. Many trainers are giving a combined lessons for people who want to do a bit of both pilates and yoga.

4. Organic Foods: Although organic food has been around for a while, it has caught momentum only in the last year or so. There are organic farms opening up everywhere and people have started taking organic food seriously these days.

5. Breast Cancer Drive: The entire month of October in 2012 was celebrated as the World Breast Cancer Awareness month. It has given some much needed impetus to the cause of preventing and detecting breast cancer which is the 'number one' killer disease among women.

6. Earthing: This is scientific theory that says the surface of the earth has some vital magnetic fields or currents. These currents are very useful for the body. Therefore, walking on the earth's surface bare feet is good for health.

7. Emerald Green Diet: This is different from eating just any green vegetable. This diet includes food from under the sea like sea weeds of different types. This also includes root vegetables like rutabagas, parsnips etc.

These are the top 7 health trends of 2012. Which trend do you think is most path breaking?

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Story first published: Friday, December 28, 2012, 6:01 [IST]
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