Foods & Drinks To Get Rid Of A Hangover

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Drinking in moderate amounts is okay but when you overdo it there are several repercussions that you need to suffer from. A hangover is one of these.

The moment you start enjoying your drink, you tend to go on and on with it at times and get totally sloshed.

Following this, the next day when you wake up with a bad hangover, it is then you realize that you had drunk too much.


A hangover can make you lazy, and leave you with a terrible headache and body pain the next morning.

This often pushes you to decide that you will not drink anymore, but things hardly change. Meanwhile did you know that exercises can cure a hangover? Yes, it does. Click here to know about the exercises.

In order to get rid of the hangover, generally you take pills and also end up sleeping till late afternoon. This goes on to spoil your entire day.

Well, if you have this problem often then there are certain foods and drinks that help in getting rid of the condition quickly.

Listed here are a few of the best foods and drinks that one could take when one suffers from a hangover.

Foods To Get Rid Of A Hangover:


Orange & Grapes:

Citrus fruits, especially lime, oranges and grapes are effective in treating a hangover. The vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants fight the toxic content in the stomach.

These fruits help you get over a hangover within an hour. You can either have sweet lime or simple lemon or orange juice. This provides energy and relieves headache too. You can also have fruit salad with juice.


Yogurt & Honey:

This reduces the toxin from the alcohol to a greater extent. Include yogurt in your breakfast. You can also add a tablespoon of yogurt in the fruit salad. Avoid having sweetened yogurt. Honey has antioxidants which can fight a hangover.


Bread Toast:

As alcohol reduces the blood sugar levels in the body, have light food such as bread toast. This not only absorbs alcohol but also increases blood sugar levels which helps fight weakness and fatigue.

Bacon bread sandwich is more healthy food to get rid of a hangover. Bacon has amino acids which replenish brain neurotransmitters that get depleted by the alcohol.



Just eat a pinch of ginger to get rid of the hangover. You can also have garlic. Include them in your food to get rid of a hangover. Have these foods to get rid of a hangover easily. Have lots of water as the body gets dehydrated due to alcohol.


Coconut Water:

Drinking coconut water is one of the best ways to get rid of a hangover. Alcohol leads to dehydration, so drinking coconut water which is rich in natural electrolyte helps in hydrating the body and gets rid of the hangover.


Tomato Juice:

When you have a hangover, drinking a glass of tomato juice helps in replenishing the body with nutrients that might have been lost due to alcohol abuse. Tomato juice contains antioxidants and vitamins that are actually helpful to beat the hangover.


Lime Water:

One of the best and common ways to get rid of a hangover is to drink a glass of lime water. Take one lemon and squeeze the juice in a glass of water. Mix it well and then drink. Lemon is rich in vitamin C that helps in quick detoxification.



Rich in potassium and natural electrolyte, having a banana helps in getting rid of the hangover. The natural body electrolytes are lost when there is alcohol abuse, so bananas help in replenishing the body.



When you wake up with a bad hangover, having egg, either scrambled or omelette helps. The amino acid cysteine contained in the eggs helps to fight the toxins and the hangover.


Green Tea:

Yet another simple way to get rid of a hangover is to drink green tea. The antioxidants present in green tea help in detoxifying the body and in getting rid of the hangover quickly.

Take a bit of green tea leaves, add them to a glass of hot water and then steep it for a few minutes. Strain it and then drink it. You could also add a teaspoon of honey.

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