Try These 10 Minute Fat Burners

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Many busy people do not have even 30 minutes to spend on workout. For them, regular workout is quiet impossible. If you had a heavy meal and decided to hit the gym for 30-45 minutes next day just to burn those extra calories, some prior commitments force you to delay it. Like this, your quota forfitness doesn't get fulfilled. If you lack extra time to look after your health, then do not feel low or get demotivated. If you have the passion to stay fit and lose those extra pounds, you can try these 10 minute fat burner methods to prevent the fats from getting deposited in your body.

House cleaning: Dusting, moping or sweeping are few household chores that can be tried out by housewives. Involve yourself in cleaning your house and spend those 10 minutes in burning your body fat. When you try to stretch your body to reach nooks and corners of your house, you burn body fat and lose some calories. Organising your house is one of the fitness practices of housewives! Washing clothes is another easy household chore to burn body fat.

10 Minute Fat Burners

Dancing: This is one effective homemade fat burner to lose those extra body weight. Just dance for 10 minutes (you can extend to 30 minutes for best results) on any fast track music. You can either play loud fast paced music or practice a particular dance form. For example, salsa, belly dancing, jazz, free style, rumba or cabaret. These dance forms can make you burn those extra body weight whilst being your hobby. These types of dances can be a great time pass to lose weight and also reduce stress. Dancing vigorously for 10 minutes burns more than 500 calories.

Climbing stairs: It is one simple exercise that would hardly take 10 minutes! You can consider it as an effective fat burner exercise that can be done at any time of the day. Why use lifts when you can climb stairs? Climbing stairs is an easy aerobic exercise than can burn your body fat, tone leg muscles and also improve blood flow in the body.

Playing games: Sports is an activity that not only keeps you fit, but also acts as a homemade fat burner. Indulge in some sports to stay fit mentally and physically. Even if you play video games, you burn fat deposits in your body. According to University of Massachusetts scientists, kids and adults who play video games burn their stress and also calories. Curiosity and excitement increases the blood flow in body and also fights stress.

These are few ways to burn body fat in just 10 minutes. Everyone can spare 10 minutes time from their daily schedule just to maintain themselves and stay fit!

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