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7 Things That Can Strain Your Eyes

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Sometimes we are not even aware of the fact that we are causing strain to our eyes. The most common type of eye strain is associated with computer screens. In fact, there is a syndrome called computer eye stress now. We tend to ignore fatigued eyes as a minor problem. But when stress on your eyes sums up, it can cause severe damage.

It can blur your vision so much that you need spectacles to see properly. If you already have spectacles, eye strain can increase the power of your spectacles. It causes a number of other things like headaches, eye pain etc. Clinically eye strain is referred to as Asthenopia. It does not have any set symptoms but we can be certain of the causes.

Eye Strain

Here are some of the things that strain our eyes without our knowledge.

1. Reading while lying down: A book lover's dream is to lie down in the green meadows with a good book to read. But reading while lying down can cause strain on your eyes. It changes the angle of vision that puts extra pressure on your eyes.

2. Computer Eye Strain: Staring at the glaring screen of the computer all day long can obviously stress out your eyes. You can try wearing anti-glare glasses to prevent this to a certain extent.

3. Watching Television: Television also has a glaring screen like the computer. Always watch television from a minimum distance or else you will end the day with very tired eyes.

4. Reading while traveling: Whether it is a luxury car or train, reading while traveling is a bad idea. As the vehicle moves, your line of vision keeps changing. The muscles of your eyes have to work extra hard to adjust to the constant movement.

5. Sunlight: Going out in the bright sunshine without proper eye gear will give you more than just wrinkles. The ultra violet rays of the sun damages your eyes and makes them watery.

6. Night Driving: If you drive on the highway at night for hours, you are bound to have red bleary eyes on the next morning. The harsh high beam lights of the other vehicles and the effort of staring at the road will strain your eyes.

7. Needle Work: Surprising but true, sewing with a needle and thread needs full concentration of your eyesight. It is a very heavy pressure on your eyes.

These are some of things that strain your eyes. What else do you thing stresses out your eyes?

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Story first published: Thursday, November 29, 2012, 18:51 [IST]
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