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Why You Must Avoid Deep Fried Foods?

By Sneha Jain
You might just love eating junk food, but then deep fried food have very harmful effects on your stomach. After eating junk, you tend to feel pain and discomfort in your abdomen. This is because deep fried food has lot of fats that add on to you waist line and add on excess calories. To avoid such issues just eat fried food in moderate level and do not give in to your junk cravings. These foods cause acidity and various other stomach issues.

Stomach Problems Caused By Junk Food

Heart Burn- Deep fried food causes many problems, one of which is heart burn. Frequent consumption of fried snacks causes a burning sensation in the lower part of your chest. It also causes burning in your chest and abdomen. This is known as as heart burn. If you have frequent problems of heart burn, then reflux symptoms can get very serious. The best way to avoid such problems is to reduce the intake of fried snacks and instead consume baked food.

Gastroenteritis- Inflammation in the stomach lining causes gastroenteritis. Symptoms of this disorder include indigestion, vomiting, nausea, weight loss, bloating, loss of appetite and belching. Your stomach fills with gas when you consume excess deep fried foods and you tend to feel full. You can not always prevent this problem, but you can reduce its chances by avoiding junk food.

Ulcers- Open soars in the stomach lining or upper small intestine causes peptic ulcers. This problem is caused by a bacteria called Pylori. Fried food causes acidity and ulcer in your stomach. So, avoid the consumption of junk to reduce stomach problems. Consuming fried snacks can increase production of stomach acids and inflame your stomach ulcer. This takes a lot of time to heal, so restrict eating junk food.

Indigestion- Feeling of discomfort in your abdomen is the symptom of this problem. It is not a very serious health issue that is common among people. This problem occurs because of fatty foods that are very acidic and heavy on the stomach. You can overcome this stomach problem by reducing stress around meals, not binging on fried snacks and eating slowly. If you chew your food well, then it becomes easy to digest and can reduce your stomach issues.

Replace Junk With Baked Food
- Excess consumption of junk can cause severe issues like gastritis. To reduce such discomfort you can cut down the consumption of deep fried foods. Instead, replace it with baked food, grilled or boiled food. If the pain still persists, you can consult your doctor to diagnose the problem and prescribe a diet plan accordingly.

Foods That You Must Eat: Veggies like spinach and broccoli, beans soaked, lentils, whole grain and yogurt.

These points show why you must avoid fried foods causing acidity and gastritis.

Story first published: Friday, March 30, 2012, 11:42 [IST]
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