5 Common Myths About Cheese

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Common Myths About Cheese
It is believed that cheese is one of the unhealthiest food item. Often dieters are heard saying that cheese is rich in calories and bad cholesterol that is why you should not eat much of it. Well, the truth is that cheese has been misunderstood by many dieters. There are many myths or fallacies related to cheese. Cheese is a dairy product that is believed to be processed. But, in the market you will get original cheese that is not processed. There are many more myths that are associated with cheese. Lets check out..

5 common myths about cheese:

Myth: Cheese is made with Rennet

Fact: Some strict vegetarians avoid adding cheese to their dishes simply because they think cheese is made with rennet (a substance found inside the stomach of a cow). Rennet is believed to coagulate milk. However, the truth is not all cheese is made with rennet. Vegetarian cheese is rennet-free. Check the green dot surrounded by a square to check if it is vegetarian.

Myth: Cheese cause heart diseases

Fact: Mozzarella cheese has calcium, phosphorus and magnesium which strengthen bones. Fat free mozzarella cheese is more commonly used to prevent the heart from diseases as it is low in fat and calories. Cheese is a dairy product that has not led to heart diseases. There is no study that has proved this myth about cheese as a fact!

Myth: Cheese only goes with wine

Fact: I know wine is best complimented with cheese but this food item can be used with other alcoholic beverages too! Just add a cheese snack while sipping beer with your friends. If you love whiskey, try it once! Cheese snacks like cheese balls or cheese popcorn will add be a special snack with the alcoholic drink.

Myth: Freezing cheese won't spoil it

Fact: Storing cheese in normal refrigerator is fine but, keeping it in freezing temperature spoils the texture and taste of the cheese. This is because, the low temperature dis-balances the fat present in the milk; a core ingredient used for making this dairy product! So, get over the old wives tales and stop storing cheese in deep freezer.

Myth: Colour defines the flavour of cheese

Fact: Colour is given to the cheese by adding a colouring ingredient. A flavourless dye is adding while making cheese. This dye gives a yellow colour to the cheese. Colour of this dairy product does not differentiate flavour of the cheese varieties. It is the bacteria that is employed while making cheese. The bacteria affects the colour, flavour and smell of cheese.

These are few myths and facts about cheese. Cottage cheese, Gouda, White cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese are few types that are healthy for the body. You should prefer low fat cheese to avoid gaining weight while enjoying the proteins of this dairy product.

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Story first published: Monday, June 18, 2012, 14:02 [IST]
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