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Breast Pain: What It Could Mean?

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Do you feel a tight clenching pain or heaviness in your breast sometimes? Most often, our instinct is to ignore such occasional pain. But it is not the wisest thing to do. No pain ever occurs without a valid reason. And breast pain is critical for women because it could have a hoard of serious consequences.

The intention is not scare or drive you into panic the next time you feel any breast pain. But you must never ignore the warning signs that you own body gives you. We are still in October, which is the Breast Cancer Awareness month. So it prudent to take a look at the various causes of breast pain that you must be aware of.

Breast Pain

Menstrual Cramps: The most common cause of breast pain is usually menstruation. There is water retention in the body at this times. And as you bloat and become hormonal, your breasts too might get heavy. Just like you get menstrual cramps, you get these sudden chest cramps. Get yourself checked by a doctor after your periods are over.

Ovulation: A lot of hormonal activity occurs in your body during your ovulation. This could make your breast hurt but it is rare. So you must still report it to your doctor.

Muscle Cramp: It is not very easy to get a muscle cramp in your breasts because they are not muscles you use for movement. However, an awkward sleeping position can give you a nasty cramp that hurts. Try to feel for any heaviness in the breast to determine if its just a cramp or something else.

Breast Lumps: It is not necessary that all lumps will hurt, but some do cause breast pain. Not all breast lumps are malignant (cancerous), so do not be scared to self examine yourself. Examine yourself regularly and go to a doctor immediately if you feel any lumps. A mammography will give you the correct results.

Left Breast: Sometimes we ignore the fact that your left breast is actually just above your heart. Breast pain could also be indicative of heart problems. Women are notorious for ignoring heart problems so you must be careful. If you feel a consistent pain only in the left breast then get an Eco-cardiogram done. You must try to analyse whether the pain in the breast is local or it is coming from inside the body. If you are undecided it is best to consult a doctor.

These are some of the things breast pain could indicate. Do you know of any other consequence of breast pain?

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 6:17 [IST]
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