Breaking Habits That Will Kill You!

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Breaking Habits
Breaking habits is probably more difficult than losing weight, often they are connected too. Both need you to be motivated and do so on a consistent basis. When it comes to changing unhealthy habits we choose easier options like new year resolutions and 'I"m off it' kind of stunts that are reversible so that we can fall back on our bad habits whenever necessary; technically we have a commitment phobia when it comes to quitting our habits.

Here are some of our worst habits and a guide on breaking these habits without lapses.

A Guide To Breaking Habits:

1. Consistency Is The Key: Smoking is at the top of our list of unhealthy habits. So when you say you want to quit smoking then it does not mean for the times being; the second part roughly translates to 'as long as its convenient'. The day your back is really pressed to the wall you will be compensating for lost time by smoking a pack. That is lack of consistency.

2. One At A Time: You cannot be breaking all habits that are harmful at once; it may be possible if you have superhuman convictions but for most normal people it is best to pick one bad habit and work on quitting it. For example: If you are a chain smoker and a hard drinker, then pick smoking which is the more harmful habit first.

3. No Half Measures: You cannot take half oaths and go halfway in the process of making lifestyle changes. When you say you will quit smoking it does not mean you will reduce the number of smokes. There is nothing like taking 'little' poison. You will have to stop and stop totally at once, only then will you really be benefited.

4. No New Year Resolutions: New year resolutions and conditional oaths don't work when it comes to lifestyle changes. Resolutions you take on the 31st December are usually shelved by then end of January. When you say that 'I'll quit', if I get a promotion at work; the question is why wait for things to happen, you be proactive.

5. Use Triggers: Small gestures or practices or words that remind you of your promise to 'quit' will deter you from giving in. For example; if you have problem waking early, keep the alarm away from you so that you can neither snooze nor switch it off. Instead you should jump out of bed the first time you hear the alarm.

6. Set Small Targets: Your targets should be achievable. For eating habits, if you say, I'm never going to eat non vegetarian again, then it might be depressing. You should quit meat for a month and survive on eggs, then quit fish and finally eggs in the third or fourth month. You move to egg less products in the final phase of turning vegan.

Use these good health tips for breaking habits that are slow poisoning you.

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Story first published: Monday, January 30, 2012, 11:51 [IST]
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