5 Sure Shot Ways To Beat Fatigue

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Fatigue builds up by collective action. Most of us ignore fatigue on week days and give into it on the weekends. That kind of an approach will never help you beat fatigue completely. By mid week, you will start feeling that familiar body fatigue. So, what is the best way to break the cycle of tiredness?

The methods to beat fatigue that are mentioned here take the causes of fatigue into account. Then, it deals with the problem from the root. These methods will not fail you unless you have a special physical condition that is causing body fatigue.

Beat Fatigue

5 Ways To Beat Fatigue:

1. Get a good night's sleep: It might sound too easy, but nothing works like 8 hours of sleep to vanish fatigue. One day make it a point to go to bed at 10. 30 pm and wake up at 6 am. The day that follows will be perfect. A human adult needs 8 hours of sleep at a stretch to wake up refreshed.

2. Do not oversleep: Many a times, we oversleep in the weekends because we are trying to catch up on sleep lost during the weekdays. This theory is our own creation and has no scientific base. You will not feel refreshed if you sleep for 10 hours instead of 8. On the contrary, lethargy will then become your cause for fatigue.

3. Eat well and cut out the heavy stuff: If you stuff yourself with rice and oily curries just before sleep, how can you expect to feel fresh and light in the morning. You need to eat lots of fresh vegetables, citrus fruits and fluids to keep yourself in the pink of health. Avoid a heavy dinner to fight fatigue next morning.

4. No caffeine after sundown: Most of us are dependent on at least one cup of steaming coffee to get through the late evening drowsiness we feel. Your body feels fatigue due to many reasons, and this could be one of the major ones. Caffeine in the evenings interferes with your sleep. So, compromise the burst of energy in the evening by doing something else. You could take a walk for example.

5. Stress busting massage: Often we feel fatigued to tired muscles. A stress busting massage like the hot stone massage or the Thai massage can help revive your muscles. As our lifestyles get more hectic by the day, we have to allow ourselves the luxury of a massage once in a while.

Fatigue is as much a state of mind as a real condition. Try to stay away from mental fatigue by keeping yourself as happy as you can. Being upbeat and positive is the best possible way to beat fatigue.

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Story first published: Monday, June 18, 2012, 16:51 [IST]
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