How To Avoid From Getting Sick?

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Avoid Getting Sick
Seasons come, seasons go but sickness is something that keeps affecting all age groups all the time. Sickness can be anything like fatigue, common cold, body pain, infection, fever etc. These things delay your day to day activities and continue if not tackled the right way. Today, we will discuss on how to avoid from getting sick. Take a look.

How To Avoid From Getting Sick

1. Personal Hygiene: It is the most important thing to avoid from getting sick. Wearing clean clothes (sweat free), using antibacterial soaps, maintaining your own combs, brushes and clothes, good habits (like taking bath everyday, brushing teeth twice daily, using discarding paper towels, having santizers) etc will prevent you from any kind of infection.

2. Avoid Contact With The Sick - Advice him to use his own products and not mix it up with the family. Provide him a bed and set of clothes and wash well after he/she gets relieved from sickness. If kids are ill, advice them on washing hands regularly and use of tissues.

3. Avoid Eating Street Foods – The street foods that come in packets are very unhealthy and contain only calories. The oily foods contain zero nutrients and bad fat that clog arteries and affect heart.Water is the main cause of many diseases. Avoiding water that aren't sold in sealed water bottles will prevent half the diseases.

4. Prefer Drinking A Hot Cup Of Herbal Tea – Herbs are good for health as they develop immunity to fight diseases. A hot cup of green tea or lemon tea or hibiscus tea can refresh, provide energy as well as work like a defence against diseases.

5. Know The Ways To Relax – Music has the power of healing any kind of sickness so listen to your favourite tunes and relax all day. Sleeping is the best way to get cured from any illness.

6. Seek Advice From Doctor – Whenever you get news about a disease (like flu) that has hit the town. Go to your family physician and seek help on how to prevent it in your family. Exchange mails and educate your neighbours on what they need to do to prevent the spread of disease in your locality.

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Story first published: Monday, January 30, 2012, 12:14 [IST]
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