Are Air Fresheners Harmful?

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Many of us use air fresheners at our homes for the purpose of making the air ooze with a nice perfume. But, did you ever think that how safe are these air fresheners? We love to experiment with different fragrances of the same, without considering the fact that how harmful they might be. Here are a few reasons as to why you should ditch these chemical fresheners for the sake of certain health issues.

Cancer- Do you know that the air fresheners you use in your homes have cancer causing agents in them? Air fresheners emit terpene the reacts with the ozone in the atmosphere to form formaldehyde. This in turn is recognized as as a human carcinogen or cancer causing agent. Thus it is very harmful to use such kind of fresheners at home.

Air Fresheners

Reproductive Issues- Are you facing infertility problems? This might be due to the room freshener that you are using at home. Yes, there are certain chemicals in the fresheners that may even lead to infertility issues. So, is it not better to stop using such products that may tamper with your fertility.

Asthma- The high levels of phthalates and formaldehyde in the room or car fresheners leads to the development of asthma in some people. And this is especially bad for people who already have the disease. The chances of incurring asthma increases to 40-50 percent in a human being upon the inhalation of the toxic air fresheners.

Health Hazards Of Kids- The effects are seen to be the worst in kids. Their immune system is not that strong and hence they are more prone to it's adverse effects. It has been seen that they suffer a lot more from diarrhoea, hearing problems etc. Hence to avoid such health issues it is better to avoid spraying your rooms with fresheners.

Nausea- If you keep your room filled with the fragrance of these synthetic and toxic fresheners all the time then there are maximum chances of your developing nausea symptoms. You might develop a tendency to vomit and feel lethargic. And this also increases headaches in human beings.

Immune System- Be it a room freshener or a car, they all have more or less the same affects on health. In fact you might not realise them immediately. But, after certain years it might lead to a weakened immune system and many other health issues.

Forget these chemical air fresheners and rather take to some natural ways of making your home infused with perfume.

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