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6 Salt Alternatives To Control Your BP

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Every time you shake some salt into your salads, soups, drinks and food, you are consuming a ridiculously high amount of sodium content that you don't need. If you have high blood pressure, then the habit of using table salt will kill you. With the kind of stressful lives we lead, we are all at risk of developing hypertension. Too much sodium is not good for your health even if you do not have high blood pressure.

It is always better to use these alternatives for salt on the table and even while cooking. Here are some of the best salt alternatives that you can make use of while cooking or eating.

Salt Alternatives

1. Freshly Ground Pepper: If you use the powdered pepper that is available in food stores then it will obviously lack the zing of real pepper. Buy good quality peppercorns and pepper holder-cum grinder. Grind fresh pepper whenever you want to spice up your food. It will not take super-human effort to grind pepper so just do it.

2. Squeeze A Lemon: Lemon gives your food a palatable salt-sour taste. It may not taste just like salt but it is a good alternative to using salt. Lemon can make your salads and grilled foods taste good without using any salt in them.

3. Soy Sauce: You have probably heard that soy sauce has a high sodium content. However, the sodium content of soy sauce is nowhere near to that of pure salt. That is why you can easily use soy sauce in some of your oriental curries instead of salt. There is also a special 'low-sodium' soy sauce available in the market for people who have high blood pressure.

4. Garlic Powder: You can either buy garlic powder from the market or make it at home yourself. Roast the garlic in a pan and then grind it. They sundry the mashed roasted garlic for 2 days. The dry powder will give your food a great flavour. It is better to make this salt alternative at home because the ones that are purchased can have too much sodium in them.

5. Chaat Masala: This is an concoction of Indian spices that are mixed together and added to chaats and salads. You can easily make chaat, bhelpuri and even your curries with only chaat masala. It has a very salty taste but it does not contain salt.

6. Vinegar: You drizzle some vinegar in your salads and soups instead of having salt. It tastes sour and helps make youR food taste exotic. Just make sure that you are not using salted vinegar.

These are some alternatives to salt that you can use while cooking. Which do you think will taste the closest to salt.

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