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Know If Your Vegetables Are Chemical Free

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Vegetables Chemical Free
Nowadays, every retail store has it own vegetable mart but how far are these good? Which one of them is the best and how to check nutritional value may be a question in every homemaker's mind. Today, we will discuss on how to know if your vegetables are chemical free and natural. Take a look.

Preferring organic vegetables will definitely reduce the intake of chemicals (such as pecticides and insecticides). But despite that the homemakers will need to wash them thoroughly to eat clean. Organic vegetables don't mean clean vegetables so washing them should be a routine task.

People often mistake while buying vegetables in organic marts. They think the organic tag or label on the foods mean that they are totally free from contamination which is not true. There are many organic pesticides available in the market that are made of poisonated plants. The remains are unsafe even for the human body so washing should never be avoided.

These Simple Tips Will Help You Choose The Chemical Free Vegetables For Healthy Eating

1. Even if the vegetables are certified by the indian department of agriculture, the vegetables need to be check in terms of their freshness, smell and colour. Even if vegetables aren't sprayed chemicals the customers need to understand that the soil should also be organic (free from pesticides for at least 3-4 years)

2. For the already existing pesticide residues, you need to wash them well in warm water or can even slice them and boil in water to kill the germs. Draining the veggies is a must as the water that is used for washing may contain the remains. Wiping and peeling the muddy skin is even safe. Note: do not peel the vegetables too much as the nutritional value will get lost.

3. One most important thing that a homemaker needs to understand is that the organic label on the vegetables will talk about whatever was used in the vegetable cultivation but once they are transported to the sellers, they come in contact with a lot of people (sellers and customers) and have bacteria and other germs so cleaning is important.

4. When you are cleaning vegetables, soak them in a tub containing water and some vinegar. This will kill the germs and pesticides. Then wash them well with plain water.

Washing vegetables in boiling water may reduce the concentrates of nutrition.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 15:27 [IST]
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