Types Of Bread For Effective Weight Loss

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Bread Weight Loss
A healthy diet helps you lose weight effectively. Nutritious and low calories food helps shed those extra pounds. You must have heard about whole grains, cereals, green vegetables and fruits are effective foods for weight loss. A healthy breakfast keeps you active whole day and controls your calorie intake also. Most of the people prefer having bread sandwich but adding cheese, butter or having white bread can lead to weight gain. So, which bread is healthy? There are several types of bread which can help in weight loss. Take a look.

Types of bread for weight loss:

Brown rice bread: This type of bread is best when made with whole grains or whole wheat. Whole grains keeps you energetic, full and are low in sugar also. You can have brown bread with low fat cheese or butter and fresh vegetables. If you are on strict diet, have boiled or steamed vegetables. Avoid salt and just add black pepper powder.

Multi-grain bread: This bread is rich in fiber, proteins. Multi-grain breads are easy to digest and are less in fat also. Seeds multi-grain breads are tasty and healthy too. Have this type of bread for breakfast and as evening snack. Avoid jam or salt. Have bread with low fat cheese or butter.

Soy and linseed bread: This type of bread is not only effective weight loss food but also protects the body from several diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc. soy and linseed breads are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and phytoestrogens.

Avoid - White bread: This is rich in salt and is made with refined white flour. The white bread should be avoided as it has non-soluble fiber and is low in nutrients and proteins which makes it hard to digest and therefore, put on weight gradually. You must have noticed that you feel sleepy and lazy after filling the stomach with white bread sandwich.

These are the different types of bread which helps in weight loss and is healthy. Have these breads for breakfast but avoid over eating. Always have enough water to stay hydrated.

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Story first published: Monday, December 19, 2011, 16:14 [IST]
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