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Risks Of Over Eating: Prevent Over Eating Disorders

By Shruti Roy

Eating to elite becomes dangerous if you do not realize how much your health can sustain. We thrust upon our body the overdose of what our tongue has fallen in love with. Risks of over eating are gradual. Over eating gradually becomes a habit, i.e, the stomach gets used the amount of food you dump in. But the body as a whole can not adapt to it and hence expresses itself in various disorders in the body.

The over eating disorders are severe and grow gradually thus having life long consequences. We mostly limit our idea about over eating till weight gain or at the most obesity. But there are other major risks of over eating that you take up while you pounce on food without control.

Here below are listed some of the risks of over eating:

Sleep Problems:
Sleep Apnea is a root level risk of over eating that you take. It is a disorder in the body, which does not let you sleep all night. Its not insomnia. Insomnia occurs due to mental stress or hyper active brain nerves. You do not have any physical ailment or uneasiness in this case. When one suffers from sleep apnea, a over eating disorder, it is accompanied by uneasiness in the body due to lack of breath in the body, a kind of suffocation. The air passage gets blocked thus interrupting the sleep cycle again and again. It so happens when the diaphragm is pushed upwards hence causing difficulty for the heart to pump blood. If the situation continues then the sleep problem can cause high blood pressure.

Respiratory Problems:
Due to obesity, the chest wall exerts pressure on the lungs and causes respiratory problems. It gets aggravated when we become lazy to walk after food. But over eating does not leave you in a condition to take a step ahead. It is better to take prevention then waiting for the cure.

High Blood Pressure
The risk of high blood pressure is confirmed if you have already started suffering from the above mentioned two. Due to lack of sleep at night you will have fatigue during the day but will fail to sleep at that time. The blood pressure thus starts rising. On the other hand, it also makes you look dull and dark circles start appearing. Such dulness is hard to replace with glowing skin. Temperament will also be very bitter most of then time.

It has become very common at people of every age, specially starting at the age of 40. It can be the reason of over eating or consumption of too much fat diet, which restraints the body from producing
insulin and keeping the sugar level low. Over eating with diabetes in the body is like putting all body organs.

Compulsive Over Eating
Compulsive over eating is a over eating disorder mostly psychological. Some people continue eating even if they are full. This mostly happens when people are depressed or suffering from other emotional set backs. They feel like eating all through the passage of time of their life. Even if they are full their tendency to eat is uncontrollable thus worsening the situation. Some sickness like Bulimia also develops with time. Due to some kind of embarrassment these people might eat very little in public or in front of others but hog down thousands of calories at one go.

The above mentioned were those over eating disorders which can entail many more of ailments due to binge eating. Over eating of any component of your daily diet can lead to all these. Always try to consume the amount of food after which you can have space for a glass of water after ' an hour. It should not give you an uneasiness to sit, stand or lie down. Thus you can prevent yourself from the risks of over eating.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 29, 2011, 18:31 [IST]
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