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Improve Your Health Through Kindness Acts

By Nandhini Devi

Have you ever wondered how Mother Teresa, a symbol of love and kindness, lived so long? She ate simple food, spent her entire time helping people and never longed for anything comfortable. Then how is it that she lived for so long? Her good deeds to others helped her maintain good health. Most people who showed gestures of love and compassion to the people around them have enjoyed the benefits of healthy living.

Many instances make our a life tough and difficult experience. We always wish how wonderful life would be if someone showed us that little compassion or give a thought to our troubles. But have we ever thought how nice another person would feel, if we thought of being kind to them? A few acts of kindness in our every day life are important tips to improve your health.

There are several theories about why the human race has been surviving since they came into being. One theory shows that it is because of our capability to show kindness to each other (at least at one point in our life!). We have seen many civilizations that have come up through millions of years. The key factor for those who have survived till date is the fact that there are a few people in such communities who strive towards extending an helping hand to fellow members, so that the group remains intact. Their kindness acts promoted good health among the members.

Simple kindness acts go a long way in building healthy relationships. People who have healthy relationships with one and all, tend to be more fit. You can start being kind any time, even now. Just remember a friend who is in difficulty and try to do something nice for him, maybe just cooking a meal. Maybe your grandparents are not there with you anymore, but you might remember one of their pals who used to be a regular visitor to your house when you were younger. Pay a visit to their house, carry fruits or sweets. This will help them relive a part of there life once again. And of course, will make you happy to see a smile on their face. Regularly helping others reduces the risk of depression. These kindness acts are great tips to improve one's health.

I once saw a show on television, where a lioness was hunting an antelope with a baby. After scaring away the mother, the lioness took care of the baby. And she did this for several days, protecting the baby at all times. She herself was starving, but she managed to stay by the side of the baby, not attempting to eat the baby, even once. Her act of kindness helped her maintain her health, even though she was starving.

You can relate your kindness acts to people who are looking for tips to improve their health. Taking a cue from you, many might try to perform some acts of kindness. Studies have proved that people who indulged in more acts of kindness were less likely to fall sick. Your acts of kindness are sure to have an impact on your children. They will become more responsible citizens. Simple things like using 'please' when they are asking for something, or 'thank you', when they receive something, helps them be more polite.

If we show at least one gesture of kindness every day, it will help us in return everyday. We can go to sleep more peacefully. It might not be donating a huge amount of money. It might be as simple as caring for your sick colleague, by doing a part of their work. Or, something very major like donating your eye, so that someone can use it after your death.

A Chinese proverb says 'A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives the rose'. So, the next time you feel something could have been better, try to make something better for someone else. It might come back to you, in a better way on someday of your life.

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Story first published: Friday, June 10, 2011, 16:20 [IST]
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