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How Much Of Coffee Is safe?

By Anjana NS

One of the main effects of western culture is the introduction of regular consumption of coffee. Specially, in the present 24X7 work culture, coffee seems to have become a replacement for food, an easy way to stay up when tired, to meet your sweet tooth requirement etc. This effect of coffee on the present culture maybe hazardous. Coffee is a good agent and source of energy but excess consumption can make it harmful. According to a recent study, one should not have more than three cups of coffee a day.

Everything mentioned above, is a known fact but all said and done, we end up having at least five cups of coffee a day and I personally feel that the number of cups increase with the post. I see my boss, drinking several cups everyday. What are the effects of excessive coffee consumption? -

1.Adrenal Glands – excessive coffee consumption workout the adrenal glands which eventually leads to exhausting the system. Adrenal glands produces cortisol which supports the body at time of stress. That's why it I also called the stress hormone. Adrenal also elevates the heart rate. In case of excess workout of adrenal, the body soon gets exhausted and the first symptom is weak heart.

2.Dehydration – Did you know that excessive coffee consumption can make you dehydrate. Caffeine is a diuretic, which increases the production of urine. Thus, when you have more cups of coffee, your body tends to loose more fluid than needed, thus, leaving your body dehydrated. Coffee does not lets out fluid from your system.

3.Addiction – Like any other habit coffee is builds up the addiction of caffeine. The addiction to caffeine is such that if one day you don;t consume the number of cups of coffee which you usually take, you might face headache, irritation, lack of concentration etc.

4.High Acidic Content – One of the unknown fact about coffee is that it has high acidic content. Excess coffee consumption adds on to the normal acidic reaction in the stomach creating stomach pain, indigestion and discomfort. Regular consumption of excessive coffee might end up into a stomach ulcer.

5.High Blood Sugar Level – With excessive coffee consumption, the adrenaline in the body burns up energy. This process leads to enhancing the craving for sugar. In the process of meeting the need of your sweet tooth, one might just end up in adding more sugar to your coffee. This usually leads to type 2 diabetes.

So, for all those people who have been making coffee part of every moment of life, you might actually being inviting health concerns. Three cups of coffee is enough to get the good quality of the drink, so, stick on to three.
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Story first published: Friday, March 18, 2011, 17:05 [IST]
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