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Check If Your Food Is Adulterated

Have you ever realized or thought that your cup that you use for a morning coffee could be adulterated?. It is said that the species and ghee used to prepare our lunch or dinner could also contain mixtures that are harmful for health.

Here are some facts from a study by Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) that found that leaves were adulterated with addition of used leaves while spices like chillies and turmeric powder were adulterated to impart brightness in color and good appearance. Take a look at the food stuffs that can be termed as adulterated.

1. Leaves (other than dried, ground and mixed with), not every good as they may be sprayed with chemical fertilizers.

2. Metanil yellow, a carcinogenic agent is used for coloring turmeric powder

Effects Of Eating Adulterated Food -

1. A balanced diet containing all the nutrients is essential for proper functioning of body but adulteration could affect nutrients.

2. Adulterated food could cause physical ailments as well, the study said.


1. The study found that butter is adulterated with oleomargarine, a product of beef fat and lard is also added to butter.

2. Root of chicory is common adulterant in coffee and supplemented by peas, beans and roasted ground wheat.

3. Mixing of infested and damaged grains to good quality grain are quite common in our country. Mustard seeds are often mixed with argemone seeds and extracted together while palm oil is mixed with soybean oil.

4. Soybean, groundnut milk, wheat flour are mixed with milk and addition of wheat flour semolina to milk powder is common. Urea, detergents and refined oil are mixed with milk.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 11:16 [IST]
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