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Tea Is The Solvent To 'Dementia'

By Priya Devi

There are many things that could prevent you from a lot of diseases that are playing a major role in the environment today. To prevent these deadly diseases, one must take ample precautions and starting from the basic home remedies is the best treatment.

Sources say that a daily cup of tea along with physical exercises and Vitamin D can help prevent dementia. The study was first conducted on a cardiovascular risk by researchers from Brigham and Women's hospital in Boston and it tracked more than 1,200 senior people over the past 20 years , 242 of whom developed dementia.

As per the research, those who had moderate to heavy amounts of physical activity had about a 40 percent lower risk of developing dementia, while the participants engaging in the least amount of activity were 45 percent more likely to develop this dementia.

The second study that was conducted lasted for 14 years and had targeted more than 4,800 men and women that were around the age of 65 years and above. Tea lovers who had one to four cups of tea in a day had a percent of 37 , a lower chance of developing dementia than the participants who dint drink tea at all.

The third study that was conducted , was done on about 3325 US adults that were of the ages 65 and older. This research was to examine the vitamin D's effect on brain health. And according to the study , those of the victims that are deficient in vitamin D have 42 percent higher chances of suffering from cognitive impairment.

Murali Doraiswamy of Duke University had stated that , “ More and more studies are suggesting that lifestyle changes may be able to silence the expression of risk genes, a phenomenon called epigenetics.". These studies were presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Honolulu.
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Story first published: Thursday, July 29, 2010, 15:10 [IST]
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